5 Tips for Wipe Out an Enemy Team in Free Fire (FF)

In Free Fire, there is a squad mode where you can play the game with your friends, while facing enemy squad as well. Squad mode is the most popular game mode in any battle royale game. And it is important to know how to beat an enemy squad in the game. Which is why, we have some tips to wipe out an enemy team in Free Fire that you need to know!

5 Tips for Wipe Out an Enemy Team in Free Fire (FF)

Try to take out the weakest firstcaroline free fire

When you’re facing against a whole enemy squad, try to identify every team member to find out which one is the weakest. There are several ways that you can do to spot the weakest member in the team. And the most obvious indicator is that you can see that one enemy who is not paying attention to the whole surroundings.

The weakest enemy team member is usually the ones who is always open for you to fire towards them. It’s because they don’t look for cover most of the time due to the lack of situational awareness.

Pay attention to your position

Being aware of your position is really important for the sake of your survival. Every time you setup a perimeter, it’s important for you to identify where is the escape route, your blind spot, etc. You also need to know where is the nearby entrance or an exit so that you’ll know where the enemy team in Free Fire will come from.

Use a gloo wall

You need to be able to use this item when you’re facing an enemy squad. By using a gloo wall, you can easily counter them and try to kill them easier.

Try to get to know when is the right time to use a gloo wall in Free Fire. This way you can easily fortify yourself and preventing a loss.

Don’t rush to beat enemy team in Free Fire

When you’re facing one or two enemy in a building, it is fine for you to rush if you have the skill. However, if you’re facing against a whole squad, rushing is not the best strategy to use.

If you’re battling an enemy squad, try to setup a plan first before launching an attack. Aggressively rushing can only result in a huge mess, and there is more risk of losing if you do so.

Use a landmine

If you’re in a house or a building, then maybe you are in a defensive position. Once you’re in a defensive position, you can try to setup some landmines to better your defense in the building. If you setup a landmine in every possible entrance, then you will be safe from everyone that is trying to rush you.

And that’s some tips to wipe out an enemy team in Free Fire that you need to know. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!

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