5 Tips for Using Free Fire (FF) Flamethrower Weapons

You must know How to Use Free Fire Flamethrower Weapons, so that later we can be even easier in competing. Because this one is certainly pretty good, and very interesting for us to try later. So you can make sure that for example now, the weapons that are presented in this Free Fire game are getting more and more and definitely getting better too.

So for now you can’t forget to be able to try and feel these weapons. Moreover, using it properly, you need to know the current Free Fire Weapon Type. So that later it will be even easier, to distinguish and combine these weapons. It will actually help you to win fairly easily.

Even so now we do have a new weapon, which is related to the strong Free Fire Flamethrower Weapon too. We just take a look at the explanation, in the article below right now.

1. Destroy the Gloo Wall

This Flamethrower weapon is guaranteed to destroy the Gloo Wall quickly. The ability given to this Fire-throwing Weapon, will melt the Gloo Wall in any kind. Surely something like this can penetrate enemy defenses, quite easily later.

Even though you use this How to Use Gloo Wall Free Fire, this weapon can be countered quite easily. So if someone uses the Gloo Wall, just try to attack it using this weapon.

2. Used from a short distance

You can use this weapon at close range, the range of this weapon is also quite a bit. So you need to understand if that makes, this weapon is good enough for the closest range. You will be stronger and more deadly, using weapons like this later.

Moreover, you will be able to provide enormous damage from that distance. Because indeed from this weapon, you can try How to Rush Using the Free Fire Flamethrower. Where from this part of the weapon alone, it has been very supportive.

3. Avoid Big Damage Weapons

When using this Flamethrower weapon, you should try to avoid weapons that are quite large in damage. Since this is quite a dangerous thing, OK, our weapons are strong. But if it’s the problem of dealing damage, maybe there will be its biggest weakness.

Then you also need to know that this weapon can easily lose to MP40 or Shotgun. So try to be able, avoid fighting against these weapons.

4. Aim for the chest to the head of the enemy

Finally, you can target the enemy’s chest and head, we can also know that this weapon has a fairly close range and the effect of the shot is quite extensive. So of course that way you guys later, must be able to target the chest or head of the enemy.

Because that way the damage given can be a lot, and it could be quite influential in the future. Where will this damage later, will really help you to finish off the enemy without hesitation at all.

You can also read the Full Patch OB24 Free Fire which was here yesterday, so this weapon was also present in the update. Maybe you guys have an interesting feeling, to want to try this weapon right now. That way your chances of winning become bigger and we shouldn’t waste it too.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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