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There are several things that must be avoided when clutching in PUBG Mobile, because basically, clutching is not easy. You have to determine the appropriate moment, weapon, even position when doing it.

5 Things to Avoid When Clutching in PUBG Mobile!

Incompatible Weapons

Clutching requires an appropriate weapon so you can be more flexible when using this weapon. Avoid weapons that don’t use auto fire mode.

When clutching, weapons that use auto fire mode can be easier to control, because you only need to press the shoot button and aim the crosshair accurately.

Shooting Position

When clutching, don’t just stand still and shoot. You can shoot by doing a jump shoot or prone shoot. This movement can make it difficult to focus on the enemy’s aim when shooting at you.

In addition, the jiggle movement can also help you to more easily outwit the enemy’s focus while doing close combat with you.

Too Hurry Against Enemies

When clutch occurs, not always the enemy in one squad will immediately attack you. If you still have time to prepare yourself, you can fill your blood completely, consume boosts, and reload all the weapons you use.

Make sure yourself and your weapon are perfectly prepared before clutching.

Avoid the Knocked-End before the enemy runs out

When you succeed in killing one of the enemies you face, don’t kill the enemy immediately.

Let it be disabled or knocked, and you can use the remaining bullets that are still in the weapon to kill other enemies. Maximize the use of bullets when clutching.

Too Often Reloading

When dealing with enemies that are more numerous than you, don’t focus too much on reloading after shooting. Use the remaining bullets to inflict damage on other enemies.

The time you spend reloading can be used by the enemy to attack you. If you use two weapons that both have an auto firing mode, you can change weapon 1 to weapon 2 or vice versa when one of the weapons you use has to be reloaded.

Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you to understand what things you should avoid when clutching PUBG Mobile. Thank you!

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