5 Tank Heroes That Rise Tier December 2020 in Mobile Legends (ML)

Tanks are a role in mobile legends that can withstand enemy attacks well. By using this tank hero, you can more easily withstand enemy attacks when doing team fight. Some of the tank heroes who have gone up the tier in Mobile Legends are quite popular now.

For the role tanks themselves in Mobile Legends, they are actually quite diverse. Compared to other roles, tanks are arguably the most consistent. They rarely go up or down and you could say they are all useable. But yes, effectiveness will certainly have an effect considering these various tankers.

In the past, the tankers were dominated by three tank kings such as Khufra, Uranus and Grock. But this meta shift is quite interesting because there are several tankers that now have the opportunity to go up. Strong enough and you can’t even underestimate it this time!


Atlas is arguably a tanker whose performance fluctuates. When he first came out he was very broken and subscribed to pick tires. But soon he was hit by nerf, and now he rose again. Atlas can be a strong pick for the team thanks to his very useful CC.


Hylos was once considered a useless pick, now it’s very different. He is a buff / debuff tanker that suits the front lines. With the existence of Hylos, his team will benefit greatly. Moreover, his very high HP makes it difficult to beat.


Lolita is a very strong hero for his team. He is a lane control and also a good protector for team members, especially your carry. Lolita is also her pressure and also has CC AoE which is very strong in teamfight. Use it in a compact team then Lolita will be terrible.


Gatotkaca is actually more suitable to be said as a fighter because he is quite aggressive and also has a play style that is similar to a bruiser. As a tanker, he also has a terrifying skillset. CC and a strong lock that is also able to swallow a lot of damage will certainly be useful.


Baxia is a pretty interesting tank hero. Compared to others, Baxia has higher damage and is the best anti-heal counter. He is popular and is getting stronger thanks to Alice, Alucard, Ruby, and several other heal heroes who are increasingly meta and popular.

Those are some of the tank heroes who have risen to the tier in Mobile Legends. Of course it is very strong considering they can be a hero which is certainly very terrible. These tankers are worthy of being a powerpick. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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