5 Strongest Wild Rift Kiter Champions, Suitable against Slow Champions

5 strongest Wild Rift kiter champions. For those of you moba players, you know what kiting is. Kiting is a mechanism or a term that is often used by many people. Basically kiting as the name implies, you are like playing kites. Tug and keep your distance to prevent your opponent from getting close.

Kiting is very important for you to do. Especially in Wild Rift where not all champions have mobility skills, kiting is more effective. Many champions are very strong and the weakness is with kiting. Makes them waste skill duration and also can’t fight back.

Even with kiting, especially against melee champions who don’t have a gap closer, you can win even though you are lagging behind. Kiting is a basic technique that should be understood by many players. This basic technique will really help you in playing later.

Here, let us discuss the strongest Wild Rift kiter champions that you can use. It could be a reference for those of you who might be looking for a champion to buy. They can be the main choice for those of you who want to play very nimbly and also interfere with opponents who can’t get close.


Graves is a very terrible jungler. Having high damage and also quite sustained thanks to his armor, he is a very strong bruiser. But not only that because Graves is a very strong kiter. This is thanks to skill 3 which can make you continue to do without dash and make enemies hassle.


Ezreal is one ADC that’s really hard to catch. He is very agile with spam-able skills. In terms of damage and mobility, Ezreal is above average, especially his skills, which can be continuously reduced by cooldown. It needs heavy silence or CC against it.


Just like Ezreal, Vayne is a very terrible ADC, especially in the late game. Vayne is a very strong hard carry. Having good mobility, pushing skills, and also unreasonably high damage in the late game. In terms of kiting, Vayne cannot be underestimated.


Ahri is also a very strong kiter in Wild Rift. Has high damage, a charm that is often fatal if hit, MVSPD up, and also a dash which has 3 charges. Ahri is very difficult to catch when played properly. He can become one of the mage who can enter and exit quickly.


If the champion above all is the champion range, then Fizz is probably a melee champion who is also strong in kiting. Diriny has a different kiting method. Fizz is more like a hit n run champion. He has very good mobility and is also difficult to catch thanks to his many dash and iframe skills.

Those are some of the strongest Wild Rift kiter champions that you can use. These champions are very suitable for kailan who want to win easily against strong champions but do not have a gap closer.

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