5 Strongest ML Ganker Heroes Season 16 Mobile Legends 2020

Gank is a process term when someone rotates to get a kill. Ganking can be done by all heroes and on all lanes but gankers are usually filled with role assassins or roamer. With a good and frequent ganker, the enemy will have difficulty farming and will be afraid to show themselves. This time there are 5 Strongest ML Ganker Heroes Season 16 Mobile Legends 2020 that you can try

Ganking will be more effective against frequent enemies off side and also play too far or aggressively. Usually ganker is done by the role of mobile legends hero who can do solo kills or can help the ganking lane to kill.

Here we will provide 5 very strong mobile legends when ganking, be it lane ganking or jungle invade to kill enemies who are farming or off guard.

If you are impatient, we have prepared 5 heroes in Mobile Legends who are very strong in getting kills from ganks.


Hayabusa mobile legends is an assassin that has very high mobility and burst. He has excellent skills to move places and also has a deadly burst from his combo. Almost all squishy heroes can be killed by him and Hayabusa can escape safely when he finishes ganking.


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Selena is a very scary hero when in the bush because her stun will be difficult to detect from the naked eye. Selena is a very strong hero when doing solo gank because she has a long stun and very painful damage. He is very strong in ganking from the bush near the forest and killing enemy laners who are off guard.


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Being able to move very quickly and kill enemies very efficiently is the reason Ling always gets auto banned at high ranks. Ling himself has a high burst and a deadly combo. Even in the late game, he can gang up even though he is outnumbered very easily.


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Gusion, which has a very high burst and can easily kill enemies and even tanks, is definitely one of the best gankers. Because even in the early game, he already had painful damage because his skill gave magic damage. Gusion with his combo can kill enemies very easily.


Natalia has the advantage when roaming and ganking, namely invis that has a very long duration. In addition, Natalia can provide debuffs that can make enemies surrender to her gang. Silence, slow, and blind are very dangerous debuffs when ganking and Natalia has it all. Even though her burst is not as high as before but Natalia is still a strong ganker.

Those are 5 heroes who are very deadly when used as ganker in Mobile Legends. They can very easily rank very effectively and kill weak and off guard enemies.

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