5 reasons Nana ML is often banned from Season 16 of Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a game with a variety of uniqueness in it, now one of them is the hero Nana, a hero role mobile legends support hybrid mage, this one hero was once underestimated but is currently a subscription to Banned in Mobile Legends. There are 5 reasons Nana ML is often banned from Season 16 in Mobile Legends that you should know.

Nana is a Mage hybrid support hero who has the only transform ability in Mobile Legends, with the skills she has, Nana can turn her enemy into a racoon, and be made helpless in it. Because this one hero often gets banned, here are some reasons why Nana is often banned in Mobile Legends.

The reason why Nana is often banned from Season 16 of Mobile Legends

Nana is a poke specialist, previously this hero was underestimated in Mobile Legends. But now he is even feared and becomes a hero who is often banned in Mobile Legends.

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Hard To Beat

Nana has a passive transfrom skill that can turn her into a raccoon when her HP runs out.

This skill can make Nana not die easily. The reason is, it seems to have 2 lives at once, especially when in raccoon mode, Nana has immunity and fast movement speed.

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Getting Buff From Moonton

Not only that, Nana was apparently buffed by Moonton, especially in his first skill, which is now very sick. In addition, this skill 1 can give Nana extra HP for Nana and the team around her.

Whereas in skill 2 Nana, Moonton gave a change where the range of these skills increased and the effects of the puppets could last a long time, so that it greatly disturbed the opponent’s defense.

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Unique Skill That Can Count Various Enemies

Nana is one of the heroes who can counter enemies. How not, with the Nana transfrom skill that can turn the enemy into a doll.

Any hero will not escape this attack, even immune heroes like Chou and Lancelot cannot survive it.

Deadly Combo

Nana has a very deadly combo, even in the Late Game, even though this one hero can kill marksman alone.

Nana’s 3rd skill is very sick and Nana’s transfrom skill can increase damage by 6% after the enemy is hit by a poke. With a combination of the three Nana skills, the enemy will immediately lose.

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Mage with the best support skills

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As a mage, Nana has quite painful damage, as well as she is a support that can help other teams.

Nana’s Support Skill that can give the enemy Gold when close to Nana and additional HP (when Nana has cast Boomerang). This skill effect can help anyone who is near him.

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So that’s the reason why Nana often gets banned in Season 16 of Mobile Legends. With the buff given by Moonton at the start of season 16, making this underrated hero must be anticipated by ML Player. Nana is the best meta hero in Season 16 this time.

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