5 reasons Brody is liked by many users of Marksman in Mobile Legends

Brody is one of the marksman heroes in Mobile Legends who recently appeared on the Original server. Even though Brody himself is a new hero, he managed to attract the interest of players to play him and make this hero very popular. There are several reasons Brody is liked by Marksman Mobile Legends users that you should know.

Playing Brody is actually quite difficult because this hero is not a typical DPS marksman hero who can spam basic attacks freely. Brody needs a good position and the right timing to be able to launch his attack skills. Besides that, you have to use the skill properly so that you can give the maximum damage to your opponent. Make sure to master the skills first, so that the performance can be maximized in gameplay.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the reasons why Brody is popular with Marksman Mobile Legends users. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know what are the reasons that make this new hero quite popular so that it is widely used in a gameplay, let’s just look at the full explanation below!

The reason Brody is liked by many Marksman Mobile Legends users

Esportsku has done research on Mobile Legends and got conclusions about the reasons why Brody is liked by Marksman users. For this reason we have summarized it in a list form. The following is a summary of the list, please watch and read it properly and correctly!

  1. Has large damage
  2. Has a long range attack
  3. Can Dominate the Early Game
  4. Has a deadly skill combo
  5. Her Skill Can Immune Opponents’ Skills

So, those are some of the reasons why Marksman users like Brody in Mobile Legends. For a detailed explanation of each of the reasons above, you can see it below!

Has large damage

Brody becomes a marksman hero who can inflict massive damage even from his basic attack. Brody is not a typical DPS marksman hero who can do a high spam basic attack. He needs time to charge in attacking his opponent. The resulting damage is greater than most other marksman DPS heroes in Mobile Legends. This is one reason why Marksman users like Brody a lot.

Has a long range attack

Brody himself has a fairly far attack range. Even though Brody cannot spam his basic attack, with this far range of attack he can maximize his charge to inflict great damage on his opponent in a gameplay. Brody can easily reach his opponent and attack him from a distance because his own attack range is quite far. If you can take advantage of this, it is guaranteed that your opponent will have difficulty when facing you in a gameplay.

Can Dominate the Early Game

5 reasons Brody is liked by many users of Marksman in Mobile Legends
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Brody can dominate the Early game well thanks to his great damage and long attack range. Even Brody can give good pressure to opponents from the Ealry game. He can also zoning well. Even though he faced a fighter hero on his lane, Brody was still able to inflict great damage and make his opponent difficult.

Has a deadly skill combo

yt / jessnolimit

You need to know that when Brody uses his skill combo and all of his attacks are hit by an opponent, he will produce enormous damage. Your opponent can easily be defeated by Brody in just one combo. To be able to master the skill combo, of course, you have to be able to use each skill properly.

Ultimate Skill Has Immune Effect

Brody when using his ultimate skill has an immune effect where the opponent won’t be able to attack him. This is one of Brody’s own plus points that make marksman users like him a lot. You can take advantage of these advantages to save yourself when your cellphone is low in gameplay!

Now that’s an explanation of why Brody is liked by Marksman users in Mobile Legends, which I have discussed in Esports. This marksman hero can easily defeat his opponent and make it difficult for them to face him!

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