5 Pro Tips for Mid-Range Sniper Free Fire, Anti Caught!

Free Fire has continued to be well developed by Garena until now, so of course that is what makes the Free Fire game the most famous until now. The updates that have been presented to date, are always good and do not let the players down. They will continue to present many new free fire updates, so that this game becomes more famous. This time there are Tips for the Pro FF Sniper Medium Range Free Fire that you can use.

Even now, the events presented by Garena are all very good and interesting to complete. Of course the prizes you can get, for example, can be weapon skins and permanent Bundles of a high type.

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When you play the Free Fire game, of course using weapons is the most important thing. If you don’t use a weapon, you can win but there is little chance of winning. But if you use it, the chances of winning are much greater.

You can use every weapon in this game to win battles. So one of them is the Sniper Rifle, a weapon with a long shooting range. There are even some snipers, which are suitable for medium range too.

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Of course this way, you can kill the enemy quickly from that distance. Because it uses a Special Sniper for medium and long distances.

Now on this occasion we will provide tips on using a Medium Range Sniper.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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How To Use Sniper For Medium Distance In Free Fire

  1. Using a Special Sniper With That Distance

The first thing you have to do is use a sniper that is special from that distance. Of course this way, you can easily kill the enemy later. This is because, your weapons alone have provided support.

If you are using a Sniper weapon like AWM, of course this is not that great. Because AWM is a Sniper with conditions of use, from a very long distance. Medium Range Snipers Are SKS, M14 and SVD.

  1. Don’t Get Too Close to the Enemy

When you want to use these weapons, make sure you are really at a medium distance from the enemy. If you use this weapon, but don’t pay attention to distance, be careful. Because later, you can be killed easily.

Don’t even get too close to the enemy, because this is a very vulnerable position. So pay attention to the distance between the enemy and yourself, so that later you can play safely in the match.

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  1. Using Suitable Free Fire Characters

The last is to use the character Laura when competing, this character is indeed very good to use. This is because Laura has a very high accuracy ability when shooting using the scope.

So of course why Laura is very suitable, because the Sniper is identical to the Scope when shooting. So of course, this Laura character can be used when you want to use a Sniper weapon. However, actually this character can also be used on any weapon as long as there is scope.

  1. Find a High Place

Snipers are very useful when used for long distances to maximize sniper free fire weapons at medium distances. You can search for high places. This is because you can see the place widely and certainly see your enemies clearly.

In addition, in the middle range you only need to create a certain high distance so that you can freely aim at your enemies. Make sure you see all your enemies.

  1. Use Scope!

When you are in medium range, you have to use a scope. This helps aim at the right target. For that, make sure you use a good scope like the thermal scope free fire that we discussed.

So, you don’t need to bother looking for your enemies, because with the scope the ff players can target your opponents correctly. How to Play FF ​​on a PC or Laptop, the Latest Free Fire Emulator 2020

So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. In addition, there are also some of the best counters for DJ Alok’s characters, and there is also a new Diamond Royale Bundle Leak for the next.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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