5 Offlaner Heroes Mainstay BTR Bravo Mobile Legends (ML)

Akbar “Bravo” Tubagus Wira Nirda is one of the rosters of the Bigetron Alpha team who has an offlaner role. During the game playing BTR, Bravo has a line of flagship Mobile Legends offlaner heroes in MPL ID Season 6.

Offlaner is a role that has a very important role in the Mobile Legends game play. Offlaners have the main focus on pushing and keeping the turret away from opponents. Now one of the offlaners from Bigetron Alpha, Bravo, has a series of flagship heroes that are used as offlaners in Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a list of favorite heroes that are often played by Bravo, who is a Bigetron Alpha player in the Mobile Legends game. Now for those of you who are curious, the following is the full review.

The list of Mobile Legends heroes often played by Bravo in MPL ID Season 6 who managed to bring Bigetron Alpha to the Playoffs round are as follows.

  1. Ruby
  2. Thamuz
  3. Khaleed
  4. Chou
  5. Uranus
  6. Ruby

The first hero is Ruby, this one fighter hero has become a subscription pick by offlaners in the Mobile Legends tournament. Ruby’s ability is very good in defense and teamfight. This hero is a favorite because it can be used as a fighter or tank in Mobile Legends.


Thamuz became the offlaner who was often played by the next Bravo. This fighter hero has true damage and high durability. By using Thamuz, Bravo is able to defeat more than one opponent hero at once, this one hero is also very strong in defense, team fight and push.


Next there is Khaleed who is the favorite hero for Bravo who is a Bigetron Alpha player on Mobile legends. Khaleed is a very tough sustain hero. This one hero is very strong in the early game, until the late game. In addition, Khaleed can also be used as an impromptu tanker with high resistance.


Chou is Bravo’s favorite hero who is not only actively played in MPL ID Season 6. Even in the Mobile Legend game, Bravo makes Chou his flagship hero in pushing the turret.


Finally, there is Uranus, who is a very tough offlaner tank hero. This one hero has the advantage of high HP which is accompanied by strong damage. Uranus can easily clear waves and is strong when teamfighting.

Now that’s all the line of offlaner heroes that Bravo often plays in the Mobile Legends game, especially in MPL ID Season 6, Bravo relies heavily on the row of heroes above as its flagship hero to bring Bigetron Alpha to be the champion.

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