5 new heroes that will appear in Mobile Legends after Yu Zhong ML!

At the start of season 17, we were surprised by the latest updates in the NEXT project in the Mobile Legends game, this update not only presents the latest skins and features, Moonton has also prepared 5 new heroes who will be present in the Mobile Legends game.

The new Hero Mobile Legends will certainly be present every once a month, because in one season you can get 3 new heroes in the Mobile Legends game.

After previously we had Yu Zhong’s hero on the original server and several other heroes that were already on the Advanced Server, now, this time, there are 5 more heroes that have been prepared by Moonton who are heroes with codes or numbers 97 to 101.

New heroes that will appear in Mobile Legends after Yu Zhong ML!

On this occasion we will provide information about the 5 newest heroes who will be present in the Mobile Legends game after the release of the hero Fighter Yu Zhong. Now some of them have role marksman, fighter and assassin.

Benedetta – Shadow Ranger

First there is the hero assassin Benedetta who is a female hero who has a code or number 97 in the Mobile Legends game, this one hero will be released on July 19-24, Yep that’s right, before Khaleed’s arrival, we will have an assassin hero first.

Khaleed – Desert Scimitar

Next there is another Fighter hero, after Yu Zhong who was present yesterday, next we will be the presence of Khaleed, which we predict will be released in mid-August in the Mobile Legends game.

This one hero has a relationship with Moskov and becomes a Fighter hero who will be very OP if it has been released in Mobile Legends.


New Hero Mobile Legends: Barts – Dino Rider

Previously, there was a leak that this one hero had the name Japalura, but the latest leak says that he is Barts

Next there is a tank hero who is likely to become a maxman hybrid hero, his own ability to have long-range attack and strong defense, Barts can change his body shape to be very large to defeat all his enemies.

When in ultimate mode he can attack enemies with melee attacks and can shoot when in normal mode. The characteristics of barts are riding a dinisaurus that can change shape to become very large.

Protti – Darknight Lone Star

What’s interesting is that the Protti hero is the newest marksman hybrid assassin hero in the Mobile Legends game. Protti has a similar appearance and style to Moskov, his own abilities are quite the same, namely using a spear of light.

Protti will be released in October after the arrival of Barts in advance in September. It looks like this marksman is quite interesting to play.

Unknown – Fighter

Finally, there is another fighter hero, but he still doesn’t have a name for the hero. But if you look at the character itself, it is quite similar to Freya’s hero, or maybe he is Freya’s younger brother or brother who will be present at the Mobile Legends game to be precise next November.

This new hero uses a spear weapon and a shield with armor very similar to the freya used by royal knights.

So, those are the new heroes that will be released in the Mobile Legends game after Yu Zhong’s arrival, some of which will be released from July to November.

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