5 Most Popular and Existing RPG Games from Japan

Games with the RPG genre are one of the most popular games, exist, and have many fans. The RPG genre has a unique character, is fun, and demands consistency. RPG game fans are indeed the strong choice humans to survive in one choice. Playing RPG games is strong, let alone being a partner.

One of the most popular and existing RPG genres is the Japanese Role-Playing Game (JRPG). Japanese RPG games will never die because they have a unique characteristic of Japanese anime. JRPG is actually favored by many gamers around the world.

Esportsku made a list of the 5 most popular and existing RPG games from Japan. Let you know that Japan has always been strong in sticking its nails in the global gaming world. Check the list yourself.


Pokemon is one of the most popular cross-media phenomena and exists today. Just imagine, from anime, games, films, and various other media, there must be Pokemon themed.

The game world is one of the most phenomenal Pokemon media. Released in 1996, the Pokemon game immediately caught the world’s attention. When it was first released, Pokemon could be played on the Game Boy console. As of March 2019, the Pokemon game has sold 340 million copies worldwide.

Final Fantasy

The Final Fantasy RPG game series is the most memorable game on this earth. The first release of the game Final Fantasy was in late 1987, for the game console NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).

Of the many series owned, the most popular and existing Final Fantasy game series is Final Fantasy VII. Because of its popularity, this series even made a remake version. In 2018, all Final Fantasy game series have sold 150 million copies in the global game market.


Dragon Quest

The Dragon Quest game is the oldest and legendary game among the Japanese RPG game genres. Dragon quest is considered as the inspiration for the birth of the game Final Fantasy.

Dragon Quest’s first release was in 1986. The developer was Enix. Until finally the developer Enix merged with Squaresoft, the developer of Final Fantasy. The end of the story is, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy finally become brothers who compete with each other.

But it turns out that Final Fantasy is superior. Until 2019, the Dragon Quest game has sold 80 million copies in the global gaming market.

Kingdom Heart

Kingdom Heart game is the most crossover RPG from Japan among the others. Because there is a Disney character as the main character. The combination of characters is the main attraction of the Kingdom Heart game.

Kingdom Heart’s first release took place in 2002. When it was first released, this one game could only be played on the PlayStation 2 console. Until the end of 2019, Kingdom Hearts recorded a sales record of 30 million copies in the global game market.

Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is Capcom’s most popular and existing RPG game from Japan. Even though his name doesn’t shine in Indonesia, Monster Hunter is a favorite in other countries. The proof, until 2018, this game has sold 63 million copies worldwide.

Compared to the 4 RPG games from Japan above, Kingdom Heart was released the most recently, which was in 2004. Even so, the Monster Hunter game is one of the top 3 money-earning games for Capcom. The other two games are Street Fighter and Resident Evil.

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