5 ML Hyper Carry Heroes of EVOS Wann Mobile Legends

Wann is one of the roasters in EVOS Legends who currently plays as a hyper carry role. Wann has high mechanical skills and can take full advantage of every hero he uses. There are several mainstay hyper carry heroes EVOS Wann Mobile Legends that he often uses in gameplay.

Playing as Hyper Carry Wann has shown his skills to the fullest. Wann has high mechanical skills and makes its performance maximal in gameplay. When playing as a hyper carry, Wann usually uses heroes with high damage and can be played aggressively.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss about the mainstay hyper carry hero EVOS Wann Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know what are the favorite hyper carry wann heroes in Mobile Legends, let’s see the full explanation below!

There are several hyper carry heroes that are EVOS Wann’s mainstay in Mobile Legends. The following is a list of hyper carry heroes that I have summarized for you in Esports!

  • Harith
  • Claude
  • Roger
  • Ling
  • Karrie

So that’s the list of heroes who are EVOS Wann’s mainstay in Mobile Legends. For a complete explanation of each of the heroes above, you can see below!


Harith is one of Wann’s signature heroes who became one of his mainstays when playing Mobile Legends. Harith is also commonly used as a hyper carry by Wann and his performance is very good when using this one mage hero. Wann can attack the enemy quickly using a combo of the ultimate skill and his two skills.


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Claude is also Wann’s mainstay hero when he plays Hyper carry in a gameplay. Apart from Rekt, Wann is also quite adept at using this marksman hero. He can take full advantage of the stack and each of his skills.


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Roger is one of EVOS Wann’s mainstay hyper carry heroes in Mobile Legends in the current season. Roger became very aggressive when used by Wann especially when combined with Angela his Rekt. This deadly combo can overwhelm the enemy in gameplay. Usually when Wann uses Roger in a gameplay he can win the match easily.


Ling becomes an assassin hero who is often used as a Hyper carry by Wann in gameplay. When used by Wann this assassin hero can show its maximum performance. Wann’s finger speed can maximize every skill available on this hero in Mobile Legend.


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As we know, in the previous meta season, Wann often used Karrie as a hyper carry hero in gameplay. Its performance is also very good, so it makes the game easy to win. Wann can make good use of the passivity of this hero while maximizing the use of his skills.

So that’s an explanation of the mainstay hyper carry hero EVOS Wann Mobile Legend that I have discussed in Esports. The five heroes above are still quite powerful today and can adjust the meta well!

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