5 ML heroes with high movement speed in Mobile Legends

Every hero in the Mobile Legends game is equipped with a variety of different abilities from each hero who is already in the game. There are heroes who have a skill that can make it difficult for enemies to escape, heroes with the best passive skills and also with high Movement Speed ​​in Mobile Legends.

There are also heroes who have the ability to have fast movement speed and this helps them to escape from various problems quickly without worrying about being chased by the enemy. Most of the time, heroes with fast movement speed are used to push towers quickly. For this explanation, we will provide information about 5 heroes with the largest movement speed in the Mobile Legends game. Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

At this time, there is a line of Mobile Legends heroes who have the skills with the highest Movement Speed ​​in the Mobile Legends game. The following heroes are very fast and able to easily chase enemies and execute them. Yu, see what the list of heroes is.

High Speed ​​Hero Movement in Mobile Legends

  1. Helcurt

The existence of this hero if he is in the battle arena will be very troublesome, by having a fast movement speed this hero is very difficult to catch.

Movement speed on this hero is in his Ultimate Skill, Helcurt will get a very fast Movement Speed ​​in just a few seconds and also adds Attack speed which makes this hero even more annoying.

His Ultimate Skill is not only that, but he will blind the enemy’s sight in a few seconds and this hero is the counter of all Marksman heroes.

  1. Grock

Don’t assume that the rock is heavy, this will not apply to Grock’s hero who has a Tank hero type. Grock has the highest movement speed among other tank heroes. This is because Grock has his passive skills and 3 skills.

Grock’s passive skill will add movement speed and endurance if it is near a wall or turret. His 3rd skill will make Grock go forward quickly and will give big damage if he hits the Wall.

  1. Zilong

This hero turns out to have a fairly fast and large movement speed too. Even though this hero is very rarely used in Classic or Ranked mode games, Zilong has great attack power too.

Almost nothing can match Zilong’s hero movement speed. Not only that, this Zilong hero can also be used as a powerful mainstay for pushing against enemy turrets. Zilong has the movement speed of his skills. This skill is skill 3 Zilong. In addition to increased movement speed, he will also add a large Attack Speed ​​as well.

  1. Hilda

Hero Hero High Speed ​​Movement Mobile Legends, known as the Queen of the forest, does have a fairly large movement speed too. Not only that, Hilda will add her HP if she is in the bush.

Hilda’s 1st Skill will provide a large enough movement speed and if when she attacks she will give quite a lot of damage. For that you have to be careful when dealing with Hilda’s hero, yes, even though this hero is included in the Tank class.

  1. Natalia

The last high movement speed hero Mobile Legends that has the fastest movement speed is Natalia. This hero becomes an Assassins who can disappear if he is in the bush for a few seconds. This is because of the passive skill he has.

When his passive skill is active he will disappear and if he attacks an enemy he will silence the enemy in a few seconds.

Those are some heroes who have a fairly fast movement speed level in the Mobile Legends game. That’s all we can say and don’t forget to visit our official Instagram at Esportsku (@ esports.ku) to get information about the Mobile Legends game and other esports news. Thank you.

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