5 ML Hero Nightmare Aldous Late Game Mobile Legends

Aldous mobile legends is a very deadly hero if the game runs too long because he is a hero role mobile legends fighter who can collect stacks from his S1. Even if Aldous has a very far advantage, in the late game he can kill the enemy with just one hit. This time there are 5 ML Heroes Nightmare for Aldous Late Game Mobile Legends that you can use.

These 5 heroes will haunt Aldous when he reaches the late game. With the skills they have, Aldous will find it difficult to fight back, can be seen below:

  1. Lancelot
  2. Ling
  3. Kadita
  4. Grock
  5. Valir

With this hero, Aldous will be very difficult to attack back. Summarized by esportsku so it’s easier to read and less complicated

Aldous, who takes advantage of his burst damage, is very vulnerable to enemies who can take advantage of Aldous. Himself who needs a high stack is the main factor. Without the stack, Aldous is actually very easy to fight and Aldous, who doesn’t have escape skills, is very easy to kill on the lane.

Here we will give 5 ML Heroes Nightmare for Aldous Late Game Mobile Legends because their skillset is very helpful.

Aldous Nightmare Hero – LANCELOT

Lancelot is one of the heroes who even auto wins and is Aldous’ nightmare. The reason is quite easy, namely iframes. If you don’t know what an iframe is, an iframe is a technique to avoid using attacks invicibility frame. In this case Almost all of Lancelot’s skills can create iframes, especially in S2. With this even Lancelot can avoid damage and stun from Aldous ulti and damage from his S1.

Aldous Nightmare Hero – LING

The relationship between Aldous and Ling is actually quite strange because these two heroes are mutual as Aldous and Ling’s nightmare. But Ling still has an even better advantage than Aldous. Just like Lancelot, Ling can dodge all of Aldous’ attacks with the iframe on his ulti. Ling can also fight back quite easily.


Kadita is a hero who is very difficult to kill. Because Kadita has anti-cc skills, banish, stun, and mobility. This makes it very difficult for Aldous because Kadita can avoid his stun with dash skills. In addition, Kadita can use ulti to avoid all of Aldous’ attacks and reappear to strike back. That is what makes it an Aldous nightmare.


It would be very stupid if Aldous tried to hit Grock in teamfight. Grock is a very thick hero and moreover he has anti-cc when using S1 near the wall. Besides crashing into Grock is a wrong thing because Aldous is very easy to stunlock and burst if hit by a Grock combo.


Valir can be used as a nightmare for Aldous in late with several conditions. The first is that Aldous is not too strong for one-shot, the two Valir users have fast fingers, the three Valirs are in a good position such as under a tower or near a wall. If Valir is about to be hit by Aldous, Valir can use his ult when Aldous’s stun lands to escape from CC. After that Valir just needs to do his basic combo like S2 ​​-> S1 -> S1 -> S1 -> S2. Valir’s combo is very strong and can even kill Aldous who tries to run into him.

Those are the 5 heroes who can easily counter Aldous in Mobile Legends. Aldous, who was only effective at low ranks and not that strong at high ranks, was very easy to beat because he was easy to read.

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