5 Mistakes that Free Fire (FF) SMG Players Often Do

Free Fire is a battle royale game that has millions of active players worldwide. This game has many features in it that you can use to help you win the game, such as characters and weapons. One of the type of weapon that is useful if you want to be a rusher in Free Fire is the SMG. This weapon is useful for you to fight in close range proximity. So here we have some mistakes that Free Fire SMG players often do.

5 Mistakes that Free Fire SMG Players Often Do

Ignoring the usage of this type of weapon

When you have this weapon and you encounter a close range battle, there has to be some players that forget to use the SMG at the right moment. Instead, they will focus on using the primary weapon for that type of battle. This can be fatal since the SMG is the best option for you to battle in close range proximity.

But it turns out, this is a fatal mistake that you shouldn’t have done. Assault rifle is not always effective in any range. Sometimes, the SMG is the better option for you to use in close range battles. So next time, try to use the SMG for a close range weapon in order to win easier.

Using it from long range

SMG is one of the best close range weapon other than a shotgun, where the SMG has a high rate of fire and damage, resulting in huge DPS. However, you need to know that SMGs have terrible accuracy. Which is why, it is really weird to see someone shooting an enemy with an SMG from afar. if you’re using the SMG in long range, then it will be difficult for you to maximize the potential of the SMG.

Not being confident

If you want to be a rusher, the SMG will surely be your best friend. However, most of the time, players are not being confident when they rush an enemy, making them easily lose the battle. The SMG will actually help them win faster to win the battle by rushing the enemy with it.

Using the wrong character

The SMG is one of the weapon that most players use to rush an enemy. So if you’re planning to use the SMG in the first place, make sure that you’re using the right character for this type of weapon. Nikita and Jota is the right character to use the SMG.

Ignoring the usage of an attachment

The last mistake is that most players often ignore the usage of an attachment. You need to know that attachment can be really useful for many things like reducing recoil, increasing accuracy, etc.

And that’s some Free Fire SMG players mistake that they often do. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!

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