5 Meta Mobile Legends Heroes in Season 19 New!

With the arrival of the new season in Mobile Legends, surely there will be many heroes who can rise up. If you want, try to monitor these Mobile Legends heroes in season 19 because they are likely to be gamebreaking! Of course this is based on their recent performance and buffs.

Actually, the latest buff / nerf in Mobile Legends hasn’t changed too much. We can say it is just a minor change because it is not so significant. So, you must monitor some of these heroes because they have high potential, especially in the latest season of Mobile Legends.

These heroes are very worthy for you to try to use because of their strength. The high potential in the game can be the main reference because it is very terrible. Even so, you can use mapping techniques to make out the potential of this hero

Especially with their high impact on the team, not only playing parties because solo rank can also help.

Esportsku has summarized some of these heroes for you to use later. They are very strong and terrible thanks to the high impact in the team that can help you win later.

Let’s watch this Mobile Legends hero in season 19 and try to play it in the rank game. They are very strong and have very high potential. Some are meta-heroes, but some are arguably anti-meta in Mobile Legends.

This is the Meta Mobile Legends Hero in the New Season 19 that according to my esports ML player deserves to use:


jawhead mobile legends

Jawhead found balancing that wasn’t so bad, if not very good. Although his sustain was roughly reduced, his lategame scaling increased. This is very good because in lategame Jawhead can be better and can be anti-carry when in the game.



Alice does get nerfed, but it’s not a bad thing for you to be afraid of. He only gets nerfed in terms of damage and manacost, but this is still worth using. He is still very sustainable and still strong in teamfight. For solo players this is very good.


Carmilla is an interesting hero. He is a hero who has a small pickrate but is almost a hero with a high winrate. You could say he is a very strong anti-meta hero. If you are looking for heroes who can have a high impact on the team, use Carmilla.


Hero Argus ML

Argus is the Meta Mobile Legends Hero in the New Season 19 which is similar to Carmilla as an anti-meta. He has a small pick rate with a high win rate. The key to using Argus is not to use him as a regular offlaner, but try to make him a carry. Yes, Argus has a very high and terrible carry potential.


Hanabi Skin After Venom Mobile Legends Skin

As a hero marksman Meta Mobile Legends in the new Season 19, Hanabi actually has many rivals. Call it Brody, Yi, Wanwan, and others. But there is something you need to pay attention to because Hanabi is the king of the big fight. Well, as long as you can use the Hanabi build item

With Hanabi’s skillset is very strong if you play a party but not so in solo rank. But don’t forget to improve your mobile legends skills

Very strong, you must monitor this Mobile Legends hero in season 19. They can be heroes who help you rank up quickly. Very strong and has a very high potential and of course effective. Also follow our social media on Instagram.

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