5 interesting facts about Boudicca in Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends is a game that has a lot of interesting facts about the game. One of them is this latest marksman hero. So here we will review interesting facts about Boudicca in Mobile Legends.

Boudicca is one of the newest marksman heroes in the Mobile Legends game, this hero is a topic of conversation because he has a very unique ability. What’s interesting is Boudicca will use 4 weapons at once, interesting isn’t it?

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide information about interesting facts about the new hero Boudicca in the Mobile Legends game. With the presence of the following reviews, hopefully you will get to know the newest hero from Moonton.

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Interesting Boudicca Mobile Legends Facts

5 interesting facts about Boudicca in Mobile Legends (ML)

This hero has several interesting facts which are summarized according to the author from various information. Now, see what are some interesting facts about Boudicca on the Mobile legends game that you are not obliged to know below.

Hero With 4 Weapons

Boudicca is one of the heroes who has many weapons in Mobile Legends. If the other heroes only have 2 weapons, for example the hero Clint, Martis, Karina and many others who have two weapons, this hero even has 4 weapons.

There are 4 weapons that you can use including Sniper, Shotgun, Pistol, and Bazooka, with a variety of weapons, of course, this hero gameplay will be more interesting in Mobile Legends.

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Is the 18th Marksman

Boudicca is the newest marksman as well as the 18th marksman in Mobile Legends. The last Marksman that was released himself was Brody who was the 17th and finally Boudicca became the 18th that you can play in Mobile Legends.

Hero marksman is indeed much favored by Mobile Legends gamers. The advantage is that the attack range is far enough in Mobile Legends. That way, players can play safely and without the need to approach their opponents.

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The name Boudicca is taken from the Celtic Queen

Boudicca seems to have been taken from the Celtic queen of England of the same name. In his biography, he was a leader in resistance against the Roman population and died in 61 AD.

Even though they have the same name, Moonton has not provided information from the hero or maybe it’s just an accidental similarity or is indeed inspired by the figure of the Celtic queen.

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The Hero with the Most Skill in Mobile Legends

The last interesting fact of Boudicca is that his skills have a large number. If other heroes have at least 6 skills that a hero has. Call it Kagura, Hanzo and many other similar heroes.

But for Boudicca it has 8 skills of which 4 are active skills and 4 weapon replacement skills. You will definitely be quite difficult to master this one hero with many skills that can be used. Of course it will add to the excitement of playing Mobile Legends.

So that’s all for a list of interesting facts about Boudicca, who is the latest marksman hero in Mobile Legends. In addition, the name Boudicca itself may get changes when it is released later.

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