5 Important ML Terms and Explanations of Mobile Legends

For those of you who are beginners playing the Mobile Legends Game, of course you are confused when you hear some terms that are often used in playing Mobile Legends. This time we will discuss 5 Important ML Terms and Explanations of Mobile Legends.

There are terms in Mobile Legends that are often encountered such as Banned, Buff, Nerf and so on, sometimes those who are just playing don’t know the meaning of the word.

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Important ML Terms and Explanations of Mobile Legends

Therefore, this time we will discuss some terms that you will often encounter when playing Mobile Legends and complete with explanations.


Nerf is a term often used by developers when making certain changes to the Mobile Legends Game.

For example, such as when the hero, or items in Mobile Legends that were previously strong or often played and suddenly balanced with others,

The Nerf parable is more inclined to reduce the function or strength of a certain hero or item. Usually, Nerf happens to several strong heroes who are balanced by Moonton.

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Buff is a term from the reverse of the word Nerf. Buff is an action from the developer to strengthen the hero or item in Mobile Legends to make some old heroes that are rarely played to be balanced.

With this Buff, you feel a significant change in certain things. For example, Basic Attack on a hero in Buff so that he becomes stronger and is often played.

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Now usually, when Moonton gives Buff and Nerf to a hero, there will be a new Meta Hero in Mobile Legends.

The use of this meta usually occurs in heroes who were rarely used so that the developer provides a buff so that he becomes strong. After Buff, many players play certain heroes and become meta heroes in Mobile Legends.


Then Banned. This term is often used on heroes who are currently OP. There are two definitions of the word “Banned”.

First, Banned from the Developer, which means that players cannot access the Mobile Legends game because they have cheated, there is also Banned Hero. Which means that the hero was deliberately chosen so that he can’t play in Rank mode.

Usually those who are included in the banned list are several heroes who have been buffed by Moonton or new heroes with OP skills.

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Now the last one is the Rework. Rework is a term often used by Develover when changing heroes in Mobile Legends.

This term usually has a function that is quite useful, because it can be applied to several heroes who are rarely used but after being reworked they are played again so that it can be very useful for the survival of the hero.

So, those are some terms that you often encounter when playing Mobile Legends. Some of the terms above do have a big influence on the game. Not infrequently, you must understand what the term means and what it means.

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