5 Hyper Carry ML Hero Mage Tips in Mobile Legends!

We already know that the Mobile Legends game is one of the most interesting games to play, in this game there are many metas and strategies, one of which is using Hyper Carry with the Mage hero in Mobile Legends.

When you play hyper carry mobile legends using a mage hero, of course you are required not to play carelessly. In using the mage as a hyper carry, there are strategies or tips to play properly. And again, there are several Mage heroes that you can place in Mid, such as Carmila, Harley, Harith and Cecilion.

This one strategy is quite difficult to do, because you have to be able to lift itm well. Hyper carry is one of the roles where, you must be able to lift the team. Carry, which is an important part of the team, must be able to carry the team well. If you fall behind or can’t fight the enemy well, your team is in trouble.

On this occasion, we will provide tips on playing hyper carry ML using mages in Mobile Legends games. Immediately, without lingering, we will see the article below.

The following are tips for hyper carry mobile legends with the Mage ML hero:

1. Must be accompanied by Hero Tank and Support

If you are going to use the hyper carry Mage strategy in Mobile Legends, especially in the Mid lane, you must be able to use the Tank and support heroes as a companion to the mage hero in Mid later.

This of course aims so that later the mage hero can freely do the damage. Apart from being a companion to hero support, it can also be used to stun enemies who will be approaching later.

2. Steal Opponent Buff

Using the buff colony strategy is quite an effective tip. First, you can do buff colonization at the beginning of the game, you must know that as a mage hero you have very high damage at the beginning of the game.

So, you have to use it as best you can. To carry out this strategy, you need 2 additional heroes who will help in Mid. In that section, you have to focus on getting buffs and the other two can do war and get as many kills as possible.

3. Use Only One Buff

You have to be able to save mana, through just one buff. You have to pay attention to this one thing, when using a mage hero. Because with that you won’t easily lose mana while roaming later. And the buff needed is a blue buff. While you can give the Red buff to a solo hero who is on the Bot lane, so that he has even higher damage.

4. Roaming to the Top Lane

Most solo heroes will be used to get a lot of gold and exp faster in the top lane. On the Top lane, you can also find a hermit crab monster that is quite close to the location or arena we are in. So, you must and definitely can roam upwards to get even more gold and exp.

Those are some ways or tips for hyper carry mage in Mobile Legends which you can use as a reference. That way you have a fairly high winning percentage with the hyper carry mage tips in Mobile Legends that we summarized above. Hopefully useful and good luck.

5. Safe rotation

As a hyper carry on mobile legends, what you have to pay attention to is safe rotation on the mobile legends map. That way, you don’t have to die from being ganking by the enemy. Playing hyper carry means playing it safe and waiting for items to get the best items.


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