5 Hero ML Counter Ling Season 16 Mobile Legends 2020

Ling, who is the autobanned mobile legends hero in season 16, is not without reason. He has high burst and unreasonable mobility and can easily manage his team. This time there is a Hero ML Counter Ling Season 16 Mobile Legends 2020 that you should know.

One of the weaknesses of Ling mobile legends is that if you can work together well, Ling will be very easily locked and killed very easily. His mobility is also very easy to count because Ling really needs energy. So if you count his energy, you can predict where Ling will move.

Here we will provide 5 hero counters that are strong enough against Ling. These heroes are indeed better when played with the right team so that Ling will be easier to fight.


Aldous is a very strong counter hero Ling thanks to his skill that can hit Ling from afar with global effects. Aldous also has an effective CC skill, can knock Ling off the wall and end himself. Pay attention to Ling’s HP because if he is dying, Aldous will get a free kill.


Khufra with his initiation combo can make it difficult for Ling, moreover, his ulti can make Ling fall off the wall. Khufra’s damage was also no joke, after Ling was hit by Khufra’s CC it could even kill him.


Silvana is a mobile legends fighter hero role with a very strong lockdown. This even autowin against heroes who depend on high mobility like Fanny and Ling. If Ling is hit by Silvanna’s ulti then he will have no other choice but to fight back. Ling without the ulti to escape or fight back will have trouble if Silvanna is locked.


One of Ling’s weaknesses is that this hero is a very squishy hero and is prone to high bursts. Hayabusa also has decent mobility to chase Ling, and he can kill Ling very easily unless Ling has the ulti to fight back and a broken iframe. The good Hayabusa would wait for an opening to enter and kill Ling easily.


This hero, who hasn’t officially entered the main client, is very strong against Ling, especially in lategame. Popol has a trap skill that can make it difficult for Ling to move on the wall, plus a strong ulti to fight back against Ling. Popol also has Kupa which has high damage and can kill Ling very easily.

Those are the five heroes who can counter Ling very easily, especially if you have a compact team and can predict his jump. Ling is very vulnerable to CC and a hero who can fight back. Other heroes such as Grock, Badang, and Hanzo, if played correctly, can effectively counter Ling if played correctly.

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