5 Hero Hyper Carry Mainstay Doyoksyl Geek Fam ID Mobile Legends (ML)

Doyoksyl is a pro player who plays for the Geek Fam ID team in Mobile Legends. Doyoksyl himself plays the role of a hyper carry in a gameplay. You need to know that there are several mainstay hyper carry heroes Doyoksyl Geek Fam ID Mobile Legends that are often used by him in gameplay.

Playing as Hyper carry has a huge responsibility because the biggest source of damage is on you. When playing as Hyper Carry make sure not to die too much because it will hurt your own team. Besides that, high mechanical skills are also needed so that your performance is maximal in a gameplay.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the mainstay hyper carry hero Doyoksyl Geek Fam ID Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know who are the heroes that are their mainstay in gameplay, let’s just look at the full explanation below!

Esportsku has made a list of hyper carry heroes who are Doyoksyl’s mainstay and favorite in Mobile Legends. You can read the list of heroes below and read them below!

  • Gusion
  • Ling
  • Hayabusa
  • Lancelot
  • Yi Sun-Shin

So, those are some of the mainstay and favorite heroes from Doyoksyl Geek Fam ID Mobile Legends. For a detailed explanation of each of the heroes above, you can see below!


5 Hero Hyper Carry Mainstay Doyoksyl Geek Fam ID Mobile Legends (ML)

Gusion is Doyoksyl’s mainstay hero who he often uses in gameplay. Gusion itself is still usable and can adjust the current meta well. Doyoksyl can make good use of his gusion skills and he can kill his enemies quickly using the Gusion skill combo in a gameplay.


5 Hero Hyper Carry Mainstay Doyoksyl Geek Fam ID Mobile Legends (ML)

Ling is also a hyper carry hero that is often played by Doyoksyl in Mobile Legends. Ling has good agility as well as great damage. Playing Ling requires high mechanical skills to maximize the performance of this assassin hero.


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Hayabusa is an assassin hero who is still suitable for use as a hyper carry in gameplay. Hayabusa can provide large burst damage and its mobility is also very good, Hayabusa can clearing minions quickly and makes farming more efficient. Doyoksyl when playing Hayabusa can maximize every skill he has.


Lancelot is also one of the assassin heroes who are still overpowering the current meta. Lancelot has great damage and has very good agility. Playing Lancelot also requires high mechanical skills. Doyoksyl himself can make good use of every Lancelot skill to beat his opponent.

Yi Sun-Shin

Yi Sun-Shin also became Doyoksyl’s mainstay hero when playing hyper carry in Mobile Legends. This marksman hero apart from having quite a large amount of damage can also be used to open the map easily. This is what makes Doyoksyl make Yi Sun-Shin its flagship hyper carry.

So that’s an explanation of the mainstay hyper carry Hero Doyoksyl Geek Fam ID Mobile Legends that I have discussed in Esports. Please try using the five heroes above so you can win the match easily.

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