5 Hero Counter Lunox Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBA games that has many heroes, one of which is Lunox, to beat it, use the following Lunox Mobile Legends hero counters. Esportsku this time will provide several hero counters for Lunox in Mobile Legends, use the following heroes to beat Lunox in a match in Mobile Legends.

Lunox mobile legends is one of the best mage heroes who has many abilities. Role heroes are not only as ordinary mage, Lunox can be played as a midlaner, offlaner, sidelaner and also support.

Here are some rows of heroes to counter Lunox in Mobile Legends (ML):


The first hero counter for Lunox in Mobile Legends is Franco. This Suppressed ability from Franco is very deadly, he can counter any hero, one of which is Lunox.

By using his ultimate attack, he can lock the opponent’s movements very easily. Franco is a hero you can count on if you are upset with the Lunox hero in Mobile Legends.


The next hero is Kaja who is a fight support hero who has the same suppressed ability as Kaja. Playing kaja is focused on countering a hero, one of which is lunox.

Kaja can attack quickly and attract his opponent, then the target will be easily attacked because of the crowd control effect. Not only that, Kaja is also strong and also quite sick.


Using the Barats hero in a match is very exciting. Besides that, you can also use it to counter Lunox. This hero can swallow his opponent easily.

Barats is one of the heroes who is powerful enough to counter Lunox heroes. You can fight Lunox and then throw it to a certain area, Lunox will get CC suppressed.


The next Hero Counter for Lunox Mobile Legends is Saber, who is one of the assassin heroes who counters all mage and marksman heroes, including Lunox, you can handle it very easily.

Saber can give knocups to the target and attack it with both daggers. The enormous damage is one of Saber’s abilities to defeat his opponent in Mobile Legends.


Lastly is Jawhead who is one of the specialist fighter heroes in counter counting the opponent’s heroes. Using a very strong Jawhead hero, especially this one hero also has a frightening ability.

Jawhead’s target will not escape from his ultimate attack, then deals damage and throws him in the specified direction, heroes like Lunox are not free from his attacks.

That’s all for the Lunox Mobile Legends hero counter that you can use. Hopefully the review above can provide interesting information for those of you who have difficulty defeating Lunox in Mobile Legends. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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