5 Free Fire Weapons Suitable for Laura FF Characters, Right on the Target of the Boss!

Free Fire is a popular Battle Royal game in Indonesia. In this game, you can use free fire characters with different skills. Each character has their own skills that you can use while playing. Some are in the form of Active, some are in the form of Passive. This time we will discuss the Laura free fire character and also the weapons that are suitable for her.

These weapons are weapons that are used to support Laura in the game according to the skills she has. This can increase the role of the laura during free fire battles


Best Free Fire Emulator 2020

Laura is a Character Free Fire who is good at using weapons with Scope. His passive skill will increase his Accuracy when using Scope, with a maximum of 30%. Kalain can shoot from afar easily because of the enormous Accuracy when using a scope.

It is recommended to use Sniper or Assault Rifle free fire to support Laura’s skills. When using the Sniper you can become a sniper who guesses from afar with very precise accuracy.

Meanwhile, if you use the Assault Rifle, your accuracy will benefit greatly when shooting far away with a large Fire Rate. The following are recommendations for the weapons you use when using Laura.


SVD free fire is a long range assault rifle. With high damage and great Accuracy make him a Sniper for Laura. Because the high accuracy laura makes this weapon very fierce to play over long distances. Plus, you don’t need to look for a scope anymore, because this weapon has a scope attached when you find it.


SKS is an Assault Rifle free fire type weapon that has high Damage and Range. You can also use this weapon as a sniper because it has very high damage and range. Because this weapon already has a scope, you don’t need to look for a scope anymore. With this weapon, Laura can shoot precisely and deal high damage as a sniper. That way you can become a very ferocious Flanker.


SCAR is a burst type Assault Rifle with a large Fire Rate. This weapon can use a scope which increases your accuracy when shooting. With 30 ammunition and a fairly close range making it a perfect match for Laura. With this weapon Laura can inflict high damage with great Accuracy. So that 30 ammo will be able to hit the enemy. However, you are looking for a scope so you can shoot well. Because, without it you will find it difficult to hit the enemy.


XM8 is an Assault Rifle with a fairly large Accuracy with 2x Scope. This weapon is very suitable for shooting from a distance even though it has quite a bit of damage, but the accuracy makes this weapon very good. Coupled with Laura’s skill which adds Accuracy, allowing her to shoot precisely.


AK is an Assault Rifle with high fire rate and damage but with high recoil. This weapon does have a large Fire Rate and high damage. However, this weapon also has a high recoil which makes it difficult to shoot precisely. Therefore, when you use the Laura character and use your scope, your shots will be more targeted with additional Accuracy.

That is the recommended weapon for the Free Fire Laura character. That way, Laura can add Accuracy which allows her to shoot precisely, making her stronger with Assault Rifles and Snipers. However, you still have to direct it precisely so that the Accuracy is still effective.

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