5 Free Fire Characters Suitable for Snacking in Bermuda FF!

Free Fire is a Battle Royal game which is quite popular in Indonesia. This Shooting game, has many types of weapons that you can use such as Sniper, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and others. There are weapons that are suitable for use at long distances as well as at close range. So each weapon also has a different way of playing in its use. Usually, when scooping, use a weapon that is suitable for using melee weapons such as SMG or Shotgun. But, here we are not explaining about the weapon but, the character of Free Fire Suitable for Snacking in Bermuda FF.

In the Free Fire game, characters have different skills. So each character also has a different way of playing. There are characters who have active skills and there are also characters who have passive skills. So it would be better if you read the detailed skills, so you can find out how to play these characters. Usually Flank characters have skills that allow them to approach enemies quickly. By using melee weapons, you can kill your opponent quickly.

Here we will explain about characters that are suitable for being cuddled in bermuda free fire. With a skill that can approach the enemy quickly, you can find a way to quickly attack the enemy from behind.


Kelly is a very fast running character. His skills can make him run faster than usual. With this fast sprint, you can find a way to flank, then attack the enemy from behind. By using a strong melee weapon, you can knock your muush down quickly.


Caroline is a character who is strong at using the Shotgun. His skill can increase his movement if he uses a shotgun as a weapon. The shotgun is a very powerful melee weapon. With fast movement speed, you can approach the enemy easily and shoot him when in front of the enemy. Because the Shotgun is a melee weapon, Caroline is a very strong free fire scooping character.


Jota is a character who can get heal if he kills. His skill can provide heal, if he kills using an SMG or Shotgun weapon. Because the weapons used are melee weapons, you can use this character to become a free fire scoop. With skills that can provide heal, you can even rush it easily.


Joseph is a character who can run quickly if he is hit by damage. His skill can increase movement speed if it is hit by damage from the enemy. With his skills, you can kill and then run from enemies quickly. Because Joseph needed damage to activate his skill, it would be better to use armor so that he didn’t die easily while flanking.


Rafael is a free fire character that is difficult for the enemy to detect. His skill makes him disappear from the enemy map. That way, he can run behind the enemy without them knowing it. Of course, with a suitable weapon, you can kill easily without them knowing it. Because the skill has a long cooldown, use it at the right time is highly recommended.

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Those are the characters that are suitable for being smothered in Free Fire. With skills that can attack enemies from behind and weapons that have high damage at close range. You can kill easily.

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