5 Easy Ways to Remember Last Night’s Dream

How do you easily remember a dream you had last night? We often encounter this question for those who have a hard time remembering their dreams. Even though there are many benefits of dreaming to remember dreams, such as solving a dilemma, to do lucid dreams, and others.

Often we wake up with a very bright dream and the feeling lingers for a while after it, but when we try to remember the details of the dream we can hardly remember it clearly as if our memory is slowly fading and as a result we completely forget the dream we had. experience.

The fact is that more people are unable to remember their dreams, but there are things we can do to remember the events we experience in dreams.

In this post, I will offer tips and tricks to be able to remember dreams better.

5 Practical Ways to Remember Last Night’s Dreams

1. Make a dream diary

A dream journal or dream diary, whatever you call it, can be used to easily recall the dreams experienced.

You can record the dream events you experience as soon as you wake up from sleep. Split the page into 2 chapters.

On one side write down the dream you experienced and on the other hand please write the interpretation or description of the dream you remember.

You don’t need to use the correct grammar, you just need to write the fragments of whatever events are remembered in the dream, focus on the memory of the dream, not the grammar you wrote down.

This is one of the most effective ways to remember dreams. After at least 1 month you will know how much you can remember and whether it is improving day by day.

2. Draw a Dream

If you are lazy to write, you are able to describe the events and feelings experienced from these dreams. Especially if you are a person who likes to draw, then this option is the best that can be done.

3. The third way is to stand at a certain hour

This stage, called rapid eye movement or brake, occurs about 20% of the time when we fall asleep at night.

Dreams in this phase are very easy to remember. Try standing up at different times of the night, this is usually one of the recommended ways to remember dreams well.

4. Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

To have a dream, of course, one must get enough sleep, right? The point is that your body and mind need to be well rested so that your imagination can do what it wants.

According to some sources, when we are sleep deprived, the body will prioritize sleep with the NREM phase, this phase is the stage of deep sleep or deep sleep. Occurs during the first 4 to 6 hours and helps to reset physical and mental conditions.

In other words, when we are too tired, our body will focus on resting and sleeping deeply. So make sure you sleep enough to be able to remember dreams in detail.

5. Actual thinking

Give suggestions to the subconscious and say that you can definitely remember the dream you had.

Those are some tips and easy ways to remember the dream you had last night. If this post is useful, don’t forget to share and hopefully you don’t miss other articles, please subscribe to the subscription menu below.


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