5 Common Behaviors of Free Fire, Mobile Legends, and PUBG Mobile Gamers Hode Nipu

Female gamers are the idol and dream of male gamers. The problem is the number of female gamers is less than male gamers. That’s why a lot of male gamers really love to meet and make friends with female gamers. This time it is better if you check 5 General Behaviors of Hode Nipu Gamers Free Fire, Mobile Legends, and PUBG Mobile.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon is actually an opening to trick Free Fire, Mobile Legends, and PUBG Mobile gamers. So, the trick is to pretend to be a female gamer. The targets of the fraud are male gamers who are still lackluster and easily tricked. Usually if you don’t get a kid, you’re single.

Fraud using female accounts like this is known as “hode”. This term is taken from the term Ragnarok Online game. In the AyoDance game, this term is reversed to become “deho”. The term and phenomenon of fraud has been around since 2002 and is still around until 2020.

So so that you don’t become the next victim. While maintaining your self-esteem so that you don’t become bully, you better check 5 common hode behaviors to trick gamers. So that you don’t look like that in front of other gamers, huh.

Use profile photos of beautiful girls

The most common and easily recognizable behavior is to wear profile photos of beautiful girls in various styles. From a sexy style, wear a hijab, or a cute style, or some other style. Anyway, the goal is to attract male gamers.

Photos of beautiful girls can actually be obtained from the internet or downloaded without permission from someone’s social media account. So don’t be fooled easily with profile photos.

Odd nickname and pretentious girl style


The second behavior is the use of a nickname. It’s really common if the code is recognized by the use of its nickname. Usually nicknames used are girl-themed, for example “SakuraImut”, “GadisManis888”, or “DiaryPinky212”.

These strange nicknames are meant to give the impression that the account owner is a woman. If you see a nickname like that and immediately think that it’s a girl, fix you are easily tricked.

Beware of names. Don’t judge an account’s gender from its name.

Do not have social media or the media is not active

The next most common behavior is admitting not having social media. Or if you have social media, you are definitely not active. This kind of behavior is really hode, deh. Although not everything like this is a hode.

Because it is necessary to check and check it to detect the hode of the social media. If you ask social media to a gamer’s account and he answers that you don’t have social media, you can really be suspicious. Because most gamers have social media.

Gamers need social media to check the latest updates on the game world from various types of social media, game forums and websites. That’s why, it must be strange if there is a game account that claims that it doesn’t have social media.

Good at talking

A hode can be detected by its speaking ability. The smarter you are, the more suspicious you must be. Especially if the talk is oriented towards begging. Like asking for items, or asking to buy skins, and so on.

Because hode was created to get free items from fraudulent accounts. That’s why you have to be careful with a hode account. I gave lots of items for girls to crush on, but it turned out to be cheated by boys.

Unfortunately, this code knows how to get free items. They are very good at playing words and a lot of talk that can make male players fooled by what they say. Therefore, you have to be vigilant if there are female players who often code and tease you, huh.

Frequently begging

The hode account was deliberately created to increase rank levels or add to item collections. One of the goals is to have it passed to the main account of the coder. Or to sell it when it reaches a certain level. So, hode is really used to cheat.

Hence, one of the common behaviors of hode is often begging. Usually I don’t ask for it in a vulgar way right away. But use seduction or talk inducement. Because of that, one of the main requirements for successfully developing a hode account is to be smart at talking.

So you really have to be very vigilant and recognize the behavior of the obscure hodes and parasites.

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