5 Chang’e Mobile Legends (ML) User Errors

Chang’e is one of the mage heroes who holds the title of the best mage support in the current Mobile Legends meta. Chang’e is still quite popular and is widely played by players in a gameplay. This one hero mage is quite powerful and very flexible in gameplay. But even so, there are still Chang’e Mobile Legends user errors that often occur in gameplay.

Chang’e is a hero who can adjust meta very well. Every time there is a meta change, this hero is still often used in gameplay. Chang’e himself is not only suitable for use as a mid laner, he can also be used as support and even offlaner in gameplay. To be able to play this hero well, you must first master every skill he has.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the mistake of the Chang’e Mobile Legends user. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know what mistakes Chang’e users often make in a gameplay and end up with a loss, let’s just look at the full explanation below!

User Chang’e Mobile Legends error

Esportsku itself already has some data regarding the mistakes that Chang’e users often make in gameplay. These errors if they occur continuously in gameplay will of course make Chang’e’s performance not optimal and will make the game difficult for you to win. For data regarding Chang’e’s own mistakes, you can see below!

  • The use of the Miss Skill
  • Ran out of Mana During War
  • Not Helping War
  • Often Playing Alone on a Lane
  • Offside Position

So, those are some of the mistakes Chang’e users often make in gameplay. Make sure you as a Chang’e user don’t do the mistakes above so that the game can be won easily. For a more detailed explanation, you can see below!

The use of the Miss Skill

One of the most frequent mistakes made by Chang’e users in gameplay is the use of miss skills. Usually this is due to improper position or rushing to use the skill. This error is very detrimental if it occurs when you use your ultimate skill. The enemy doesn’t take your damage and your ultimate skill is in vain.

Ran out of Mana During War

One of the most fatal mistakes when it occurs in gameplay is the loss of mana during war. Chang’e becomes helpless if she can’t use her skills to attack her opponent. Thanks to this combo skill, he can provide a high high ground to the team and make it easier to win games. Don’t run out of mana when you are at war so you don’t lose your team.

Not Helping War

Another mistake was that Chang’e roamed too much and kept him away from his war teammates. As a result, he could not help the war when needed. You should avoid mistakes like this so that you can give more follow-up damage to your team.

Often Playing Alone on a Lane

Often playing alone on a lane, of course, is very risky for a mage hero. This will make it easier for the enemy to target you. In addition, Chang’e did not have a good escape skill, making it difficult for him to escape when ranked by an enemy.

Offside Position

An offside position because Chang’e doesn’t pay attention to the position of her colleagues and doesn’t pay attention to the map will also be a very fatal mistake. The enemy could easily target Chang’e and kill him quickly. Of course this will be a loss for you.

Now that’s an explanation of the Chang’e Mobile Legends user error that I have discussed in Esports. By knowing what mistakes are often made, it is hoped that you Chang’e Users can play this hero even more well in a gameplay!

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