5 Best Wukong Free Fire Weapons, So Versatile in FF

Wukong is a free fire character who is very unique thanks to his skills. Compared to other characters, you can say that Wukong is a character that frustrates opponents very often. The king of ganking and also running away, Wukong is a very useful character when the user is a player who uses high skills. Well, this time we will discuss the Best Wukong Free Fire Weapons that can be used.

As a character who prioritizes deceptive skills, Wukong has a lot of potential that you can learn. In fact, he can be said to be a character that has many uses. Therefore, Wukong is often included in the video guides for Free Fire players because there are so many things you can do using this character.

Here we will provide the 5 best weapons for Wukong to use. By utilizing his very attractive skills and style of play, you can have a far advantage. therefore you must read more about this guide.


Reasons for Free Fire to Remain Popular in Indonesia!

Wukong is a character that is quite unique thanks to his skills. Wukong can perform camouflage which can be used to outwit opponents. Of course this skill has a fairly long cooldown because this is Wukong’s free fire balancing skill. You can definitely use some of the weapons here.


SPAS is the best weapon that can be used by Wukong if you can take advantage of his skills and melee skills. The strategy most often used by Wukong is to use camouflage and wait for an unconscious opponent. With a shotgun like SPAS you can gang up easily.


Apart from SPAS, there is also a shotgun that you can use, namely the M1014. This shotgun isn’t nearly as effective as SPAS but it’s not that bad either. Just like SPAS where you will use your skills or also rush very easily. Extremely strong and deadly is the key to all shotguns.


The M1887 is a very powerful shotgun because it has one advantage over other shotguns. This weapon has an effective range that is far and stronger. Even at medium range this weapon can kill opponents beyond other shotgun ranges. Very dangerous, even used as a rush weapon, making this weapon the weapon of choice for Wukong.


Apart from the Shotgun there are also weapons that you can use as a weapon of choice. SMG like Thompson is a weapon that is quite unique because even though it is included in the SMG category, this weapon has a deadly stat like AR. High DPS with high ammo is Thompson’s important factor over other weapons. Besides that, this is one of the best free fire smg


AWM is a weapon that is actually quite deadly when used by Wukong. There is a very effective strategy that you can use, namely the camo sniper. The thing you can do is to use the camouflage skill and wait for the target to be caught off guard. With this you will get a clean and easy shot when the enemy is unconscious. AWM, which can often kill opponents with one shot, can be very dangerous in Wukong’s hands.

Those are the 5 best weapons that can be used by Wukong in Free Fire. Very deadly because this weapon can reach Wukong’s highest potential, you can immediately practice this in your respective games.

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