5 Best Skins Chang’e Mobile Legends (ML)

Chang’e is one of the mage heroes who is often used as support in the current Mobile Legends meta season. Chang’e himself is very flexible and can be used as a mage support hero or as a mid laner. Its good attack power and can provide good follow-up damage are also a plus point for Chang’e. This time we will review the best skin Chang’e Mobile Legends.

Skin is one of the assets that can make the appearance of each hero that you use will be even better. In addition, Chang’e herself has some of the best skins, from the normal skin category to the skin that is included in the limited skin category. When using the best skin, of course it will make Chang’e look even better.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the best skin of Chang’e Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know what and how the appearance of each of the best skins that Chang’e has in Mobile Legends, let’s just take a look at the full explanation below properly and correctly!

List of the Best Chang’e Mobile Legends Skins

Esportsku already has some data regarding the best skin Chang’e Mobile Legends. Using this skin will make it appear even better. In addition, the animation effects produced from each skin are very cool, so they will spoil Hero Chang’e users themselves. For the skin data itself, we will present it in the form of a list, please refer to it directly below!

  • Moonstruck
  • Crimson Moon
  • Floral Elfo
  • Lunar Magic
  • Strawberry Parfait

So, those are some of the best skins that Chang’e Mobile Legends has. By using one of the best skins above, it’s guaranteed to make your Chang’e hero look even cooler in gameplay. For a detailed explanation of each of the best skins, please see below!

Chang’e – Moonstruck

Moonstruck itself is one of Chang’e’s best skins that fall into the normal skin category. You can get this skin in two ways, buy it directly at the shop or get it in a lucky spin using the ticket you have. The appearance of the Moonstruck skin itself is quite good because it makes Chang’e look even more elegant with her calm costume design.

Chang’e – Crimson Moon

Crimson Moon is one of the best skins owned by ole Chang’e and is included in the Elite skin category. Crimson Moon itself uses the Devil Born under the Blood Moon theme. To get this skin, you can buy it at the shop for 599 Diamond only. The appearance of this skin will make Chang’e appear even more grim. . The skill animation effect itself has changes that make it even better.

Chang’e – Floral Elfo

Floral Elfo is a skin that is included in the Special category. You can get this skin by buying it at the shop for 749 Diamond only. Floral Elfo itself uses the theme Little Fairy who loves Flowers. When using this skin Chang’e looks even cooler with her costume which has also been changed for the better. The animation effect itself is much better than the elite skin category. Floral Elfo is very much worth it to buy and get.

Chang’e – Lunar Magic

Lunar Magic is Chang’e’s best skin in the epic limited skin category. This skin uses the Cosmic World theme and the animation effects that are typical of the stars. Her appearance alone made Chang’e look like a graceful and beautiful young witch. This skin can only be obtained from certain events.

Chang’e – Strawberry Parfait

Strawberry parfait is a skin with the starlight member category. This skin will make Chang’e look like a maid or a cafe waitress. Strawberry parfait is the theme used for this skin. The resulting animation effect is pretty good, it’s worth it for you to get.

So, those are some of the best Chang’e Mobile Legends skins that I have discussed in Esports. Use one of the best skins above and make your Chang’e look even better in gameplay!

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