5 Best-Selling Heroes in Mobile Legends (ML) After Revamp!

5 Best-Selling Heroes in Mobile Legends (ML) After Revamp!

Revamp in Mobile Legends (ML) is a form of activity that is carried out quite often.

Because revamp is changing the skills of a hero so that they are different from before.

The revamp also indicates that the hero has not been used or entered META for long.

Some revamps are successful and unsuccessful, such as the example of Belerick, who after receiving a revamp is still rarely picked.

Even though the appearance and skills of Belerick have been updated properly but still according to players it is still lacking in META.

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But the following heroes don’t have the same fate, these 5 Mobile Legends (ML) heroes are in great demand after the revamp was done, who are they? Here’s an explanation Spinners.

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Valir Hero Counter Tigreal
source: uhdpaper.com

First there is Valir, the revamp change in Valir really raises the prestige of this hero. From a hero who is rarely used to a hero that is often used. Changes in skills where Ultimate, skill 1 and skill 2 are changed.

The most striking change is in Ultimate where previously the Ultimate was in the form of an area, but for now only changes in skill 1 and skill. For more details, see the video below.

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source: uhdpaper.com

Even though Pharsa was quite sick before, her lack of escape skills made it difficult for Pharsa to survive for a long time in the Land of Dawn. Especially if the Assassin’s opponent is very easy to target.

Changes or revamps that exist by changing Pharsa’s skills proved effective and made Pharsa glimpsed as META. The Wings by Wings skill is one of the skills that made Pharsa enter META. Because their usefulness in battle is enormous.

Not to mention the stun effect of his 1 + 2 or Ultimate skill makes Pharsa a good support.

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Yi Sun-shin

Lord Thief ML Hero
source: uhdpaper.com

The revamp is so pronounced. Surely you also agree with the author. Because Yi Sun-shin’s revamp is one of the best.

Look at Yi Sun-shin’s change from Hero Marksman rarely used until now META. even though some nerves now make Yi Sun-Shin a little dimmer, YSS is still one of Marksman’s fault, who is the priority pick in the tournament.


Lord Thief ML Hero
source: uhdpaper.com

This hero is also one of those who get a successful revamp. With his Meteor Shower, he can steal the buffs of both Lord and Turtle enemies easily. Although the author quite likes Chang’e’s skill first.

But in fact the players really like the current Chang’e, even though only armed with the slow effect of his 1st skill. Chang’e has a huge Burst Damage from her Ultimate which makes her META now.

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source: Mobile Legends

The most recent hero revamped and was a huge success. The existence of Lapu-Lapu before the revamp was very dim. He is rarely picked at tournaments. Even being ranked is very difficult.

However, after being revamped, Lapu-Lapu is now a frightening fighter, competing with Yu Zhong, Esmeralda and Benedetta as the offlaners who are picked most often.

Changes to his Ultimate are the most pronounced, in the past the ultimate was only to stun at the beginning and then provide further damage, but with the ultimate now it’s not just stun, the damage given is very large. No wonder why Lapu-Lapu is now both a top pick and a tire.

Those are the 5 heroes who were in demand after the revamp. Is there your favorite hero Spinners?

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