5 Best PC Simulation Games You Should Try!

Simulation games are games that allow us to become or use something virtually. So we can know how to use an object or become something. There are many simulation games that you can try and there are also various types. This time we will discuss about the best PC simulation games you should try

There are simulations of driving a car, simulations of being a farmer, simulations in life, even simulations of being a goat. Actually this game is very fun in various aspects because it has a very interactive mechanism. The following are games with the simulation genre that you can try. If you are interested in simulation games.


The Sims is a life simulation game, you can create sims or people that you can customize to your heart’s content. You can change the appearance of your sims from head to toe. Change hair, face, body shape and so on. After that you can make the sims properties. Like, how lazy, diligent, kind and others. After that you can play like a real life. You have to make eating, working, sleeping and so on like life in general. This is what makes this game a life simulation game. Here also you have a life goal to achieve and have the socialization that you must maintain. By making friends and life partners make it like real life in general.


Stardew Valley is a very unique farming simulation game. Here you can create characters that you can play. You have to raise money to buy plant seeds so you can plant. The plants you harvest can be sold or made for other things. This game is unique because it has a few RPG elements. Here you can enter a dungeon that has monsters. In this dungeon you can get various items that you can sell or use. For a simulation game, the RPG element is also felt. For those of you who like simulation games that have RPG elements, you can try this game.


Euro Truck is a Simulation game with carrying a Truck. You are in charge of carrying goods by truck and delivering them to their destination. This game can be considered difficult, because carrying a truck is not as easy as carrying a car in general. Because, you will bring a vehicle that is bigger than a car in general. Not only that, this game also provides insight into trucks which are very fun. If you are interested in bringing a truck, you can try this simulation game. It is not only difficult but also a lot of fun.


City Skyline is a World Building simulation game. You are assigned to create a city for local residents. By making houses, factories, until electricity is needed to make a city. This game is like the original world in general. You must have a power plant so that the city has a sufficient supply of electricity. You also have to create jobs for local residents. After that, you have to make the right path so you don’t get stuck in traffic. This game is quite difficult and fun, because you can know more about World Building.


This one game is very unique, because you will simulate as a goat. Life as a goat is very strange, you can do whatever you want. Crashing people, causing chaos in the city, even destroying cars. This game is great fun for those of you who want to relieve stress by destroying an entire city and bumping into people on the road. Therefore, this game has a unique element as a simulation game.

That’s a list of simulation games that you can try. Some of the games above can provide useful insights and others are just stress-relieving games. Therefore, you shouldn’t take this game too seriously and take it easy.

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