5 Best Free Fire (FF) Car Vehicle Skins

Right now we have to know that there is the Best Free Fire (FF) Vehicle Skin, so you can get it or collect it if there is still an event. It will make the strength and appearance of your vehicle cool.

Moreover, for now there are still many new skins for you to get, so don’t miss all things like this. So that it can also make your vehicle cooler later.

There are still many things that we really need to pay attention to from the current Free Fire game. Don’t forget to use the Player’s Best Vehicle, when you use it in a match later.

By using this you will definitely get a big profit and it won’t be easy to be defeated by the enemies in this game either. Players really have to be able to try this vehicle skin later.

Intrigued by the best vehicle skins in Free Fire? let’s just look at the explanation in the article below.

These are the Best Free Fire (FF) Car Skins:

Monster Truck Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter

Best Free Fire (FF) Car Vehicle skins

The first and new skin for now is for Monster Truck, where the name of the skin is Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter. The appearance given to this skin is indeed quite good.

Even the type of this Skin is Epic and gives a cool effect when you use it. That way you will look very cool and very stylish, when you use this skin and drive in the match later.

But there are things we need to pay attention to first, this skin is not yet present in the Free Fire game. It will only appear soon, so you just need to wait for the next event.

Smooth Rider

Here too there are good Lamborghini tablets, we even know that Skin Smoothride is the best right now. The problem is the appearance that is given, has a gold color which is quite shiny.

In fact, this used to be the choice of players, to be obtained at a fairly cheap price. In fact, it is really a choice of players, so they can be stylish when competing quite well later.

But unfortunately for this skin, we can’t get it anymore because the sales event has not yet returned.

Best Free Fire (FF) Car Skins Golden Merc

Talking about a strong car in this game, it means that you already know that the Golden Merc is the skin of a very strong Jeep. Those of us who use the skin will easily beat the enemies.

Because what we know now is that the Golden Merc Skin is one of the mainstays for its players. So don’t let you ignore this skin called Golden Merc. Can be obtained from the Magic Shop.

Auto Rickshaw

The problem of using any vehicle in this game is not something we need to pay attention to, because Auto Rickshaw from Bajaj Tuktuk is included in the best skin category on vehicles in the game.

The color of this Skin is indeed diverse and bright, so that it makes players happy to use this Skin. Don’t miss the skin from this vehicle, there are still shops with quite easy prices.

The Best Free Fire (FF) Car Skins Star Light

The last and indeed the best cover for this skin is Star Light, this is a skin that is good enough for you to use huh. You see, from appearance alone, it looks very simple.

Just from the shape and style, there are still many players who prefer this skin. Compared to Smooth Ride, it turns out that there are still a lot of Star Light used. Even Youtuber Rendy Rangers is still using it.

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Even if the player has a vehicle skin like this, then you must be able to keep the skin intact and not destroyed. Because there is a way, where Keeping Free Fire Vehicles doesn’t explode quickly when we use it.

That way, maybe you will be even better prepared to base this cool Skin into the match.

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