5 Best Finisher Bait Characters in Free Fire, Make You Daze in FF!

If previously we talked about the best character to become a couplet, now is the time for us to talk about the finisher character. Often playing in a random squad, when we become a verse or open space, no team member can take advantage of it. The 5 best finisher bait characters in Free Fire can help you when you get kills.

The temple is indeed a two-pointed knife. It could benefit you if it is executed correctly, but it could be fatal for the team. You can lose one team member for nothing if it is not done properly. Of course, this requires careful planning from your team.

You have to prepare this carefully, especially if you play randomly. It’s better to use the bait strategy with people you know, as this requires very good cooperation and trust from each player.

Here we will provide the 5 best finisher bait characters in Free Fire that you can use. You can learn this so you can play more mature and perfect. You must read it until it runs out so you understand better. You can practice it with team members you trust.

The following is the finisher character of the FF stanza that esportsku.com summarizes for free fire players:


Laura is a reliable sniper and can kill opponents from a great distance. Laura is very suitable to be used as a finisher because she can spy on team members who perform bait from a distance and kill opponents easily.

Laura, who can play from a safe place, is arguably the strategy’s best finisher. Laura, who can be a finisher bait character from a distance, can also be an intel when spying, providing information to baiter friends from afar.


5 Best Bait Finisher Characters

Jota is the best rusher right now in Free Fire. Having a skill that is very beneficial for him, of course makes Jota into the best solo finisher character too. He can kill opponents very efficiently and continue to fight thanks to his skills. Jota is indeed a character that cannot be underestimated.

He can be a very good couplet finisher too, apart from being a couplet. Jota can send the tank forward first and then make a surprise attack which will be fatal. Jota is very dangerous because if he is given the opportunity, Jota can slaughter the entire opposing team.


5 Best Bait Finisher Characters

Kelly is a very fast-paced character. With high sprint speeds, he can move pretty quickly. Kelly can indeed be played as a verse, but he is also quite suitable to be played as a finisher. Kelly can quickly circle the enemy and catch them.

Kelly’s fast sprint speed can be used to his advantage. Kelly who can run fast is certainly very dangerous for the opponent. He can take advantage of the moment to move places and prepare for attacks from strategic places. One of the Best Bait Finisher Characters.


Caroline is a character that is designed for fast rushing. With her shotgun, Caroline can certainly be a dangerous finisher and can do an effective finishing later. Caroline certainly has to be played as a flanker in this strategy.

With the shotgun, Caroline can play quite fast and efficiently. By moving locations quickly, Caroline one of the 5 Best Bait Finisher Characters can make very high odds. Often underestimated, but strong enough.


Nikita is a very dangerous rusher. With SMG, the reloading speed is very fast. He can work as an ambush finisher. By setting a trap, Nikita can become a dangerous ganker too. His fast reloading speed of SMG makes Nikita very suitable to be played as a finisher.

Even though it is stronger to use as a rusher killer, but as a finisher, it is also not that bad. Need a deeper strategy.

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Those are the 5 best Free Fire finisher bait characters that you can use. These characters can be the fragger or finisher of your choice which can be very deadly if used properly. Don’t forget to follow our social media accounts on Esportsku!

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