5 Beginner Mistakes When Using Satria Marksman in Mobile Legends

5 beginner mistakes when using hero marksman in mobile legends – As we know marksman is one of the most popular roles, such as the role of assassin or role mage, moreover, this role has a fairly large impact when it enters the late game phase. What are the tips for using the correct marksman for beginners?

If you play mobile legends and use marksman, all you have to do is farm as quickly as possible so that your core items become fast, then join the war with the team. But there are some things that make us lose even if our items are finished. Immediately here

5 Beginner Mistakes When Using Hero Marksman in Mobile Legends

1. Pick a hero too early

The first mistake that is commonly made by a marksman is picking the Hero too early. In the draft pick phase, the heroes we often pick at the beginning are heroes who have a big impact in the early to midgame. Most are Assassin or Mage burst damage heroes, such as Lancelot, Gusion or Kagura.

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Then the Hero selection will be arranged by the Hero Tank or support, and after that we can only pick Hero marksman, why don’t we pick Marksman at the beginning?, because Hero marksman is very easy to counter, for example when we have picked Hero marksman and then the enemy pick Natalia later the marksman will only be a burden to the team Because Natalia will continue to ganking and disturb our farming, so we just become ATMs running in the game, therefore to find safety it’s better we pick Marksman in third, fourth, or final.

2. Inappropriate selection of early items

The second mistake commonly made by Marksman users is the selection of an early item that is less than perfect. In lower tiers such as Warriors to Masters, various marksman players who are more decisive cause large items first, for example, such as Scarlet Phantom, berseker fury, harsh claw, demon hunter and others, even though the item you must buy first as a marksman is an item Jungle and shoes.

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Jungle items such as the hunter’s knife are items that are mandatory for marksman, especially if you use the Retribution spell, you can upgrade the hunter’s knife to a nimble blade or pillager axe, it will be very important because with this item we can farm faster and more effectively.

After the Jungle item, you must buy shoes, the shoes that are usually suitable for Marksman are Swift Boots or rapid Boots. This shoe item is very important to buy before big items because if you are ganged up by the enemy at least your death percentage is smaller than if you don’t buy shoes.

3. Lack of map awareness

Next, the third is the lack of map awareness, whether you don’t know what Map awareness is, Map awareness is our foresight and thoroughness in paying attention to the map. we have to look at the map often and always be wary of enemy heroes who often disappear from the map, for example when we use marksman in the middle lane and we see that the enemy has disappeared from the map, try not to go too far, play defensively so we are unlikely to be caught. gang by enemy

4. Farming is too outdated

The fourth mistake is farming that takes too long. Farming is indeed something that a marksman must do, but farming is only done from the early to mid game, which is between 1 and 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you should join the war with the team or do a split push because your items should be ready enough.

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If you farm too long of course your team will be overwhelmed during the war, because the damage generated will be less but on the contrary if you continue to access the war and never farm then your team will lose too, the reason is that your items will be stuck and your gold will stagnate. . So what to do? farming or joining the war? it all depends on your playing style. When you really believe that you will win in the late game, then farm as quickly as possible but if your team is already ahead and dominates from the start of the game, it’s better to win as soon as possible.

5. Wrong position during war

The last mistake that marksman heroes often make is the wrong position during war. Marksman is the key to victory when War is in the late game phase. as we know the EXP marksman is very small so we are often the main target by the enemy, when you make a slight misstep then you will be immediately locked by the enemy and will die and then you will be hacked.

There are two choices of positions that are most suitable for marksman when the war is behind the tank hero or next to the enemy. There are advantages and disadvantages too, when you choose behind a tank hero, the drawback is that the one you hit is definitely the enemy tank because the enemy tank position is definitely at the front while the advantage is that you will stay safe because our tank is in front too.

If you buy for a hit from the side, the advantage is that you can lock the enemy’s marksman, Mage, or Assassin first, but the risk is that you can be locked first by the enemy so you will die first too.

Those are 5 Beginner Mistakes When Using Hero Marksman in Mobile Legends, what are your tips and suggestions when using hero marksman? please share in the comments column and if the post above is useful, don’t forget to share it. Thanks

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