5 Beginner Mistakes When Using Hero Mage in Mobile Legends

After previously we discussed about beginner mistakes that are often made when using hero assassins, marksman, fighter. In this post nyonyahidayat.blogspot.com will discuss about the role mage, what are the mistakes beginners make when using a mage hero in mobile legends? how to use mage tips? Here’s the explanation.

5 Beginner Mistakes When Using Hero Mage in Mobile Legends

1. Adjust the position in the lane according to the type of mage

In mobile legends there are two types of mage according to their position, the first is the position of the mage who is in the trilane with the two tanks or fighters, the trilane mage pattern is Aurora, Odette, Pharsa, Vexana and other mages who usually have AOE (Area of ​​Effect) skills, namely Effects that have coverage area can be received by friends or foes. For example, Odette’s ulti, 2 Vexana skills, 2 Alice skills, and others.

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The second is the position of the mage who is in the midland, usually the mage who is placed in the mid is a Mage who can clear Minions quickly and has high mobility, so that he can help teams in other lanes, for example a mage that can be placed in the mid is Harley , Kagura, and Cyclops. However, placing the mage in the mid does not mean that the way to play is the same as the marksman placed in the mid. As we know that playing marksman in Midland is only clear minions, farm in Jungle, take buffs if given, and kill turtles with the team.

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But playing Mage in the mid is very different, what a mage in the mid lane has to do is clear minions, take buffs, and help gangs in other lanes. Mage must contribute as often as possible in team fights because the basic mage skills themselves already have enormous damage. If after clearing the minions and taking your buffs you even farm like marksman, you will only harm your team because the potential for mage in the late game is very less than marksman. You have to play fierce and dominate at the beginning of the game.

2. Skill cooldown when needed

The second mistake of hero mage users is not paying attention to the use of skills when needed. That is, as we know the role mage is very dependent on his skills. All Mage skills are very useful during team fights, for that reason the use of the skills themselves must be considered carefully, lest when we team fight, our skills are in a cooldown condition because what’s the point of a mage if you don’t issue skills at all. So use your skills well.

3. Alone in lane

The third mistake of the mage is alone in the lane. That is for the mage who is in the trilane position with the two tanks, the reason is that most of the mages in the trilane position do not have escape or escape skills other than relying on battle spell flicker. As a mage player as much as possible you have to be together with other heroes similar to tanks, fighters or assassins.

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4. Don’t use disable skills wisely

The fourth mistake that is commonly made by player mages is not using the disable skill wisely. What is meant by disabled skills? disable skill is a skill that is able to limit the movement of enemies for example stun and slow. Examples of disable skills are Aurora’s passive, Odette’s skill 2, ulti Valir, and others. This disable skill is very important during war because the enemy who has been hit by this skill will definitely irritate and make it difficult to move the hero, so the enemy will be very easy to kill. The use of disable skills must also be wise, because if you use it wrong, it will make the team fight fall apart and we will lose.

5. Don’t be off-side

The last mistake of player mages is off side or too forward. As we know the hero warrior mage has low defense and is very soft when hit by the enemy’s carry hero. Make sure when using a mage you have to keep your distance so that you don’t lock the enemy. A good position for a mage is behind the tank position or close to the turret.

Those are the 5 common mistakes beginners make when using a mage hero in mobile legends. If the post above is useful, don’t forget to share and please share tips when playing using your version of the mage.

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