5 Beginner Mistakes When Using Hero Assassin in Mobile Legends

After previously discussing the common mistakes of marksman users, in this post we will discuss 5 Beginner Mistakes When Using Hero Assassins in Mobile Legends. Anything? and How to use assassin tips correctly? here’s the explanation.

5 Beginner Mistakes When Using Hero Assassin in Mobile Legends

1. Don’t know the potential of the hero

The first mistake is not knowing the potential of the hero. In Mobile Legend we are able to classify Assassins into two groups, the first is a group of assassins who have sick damage and skills from the beginning of the game, for example, such as Lancelot, Gusion, or Fanny. The second group is assassins who have considerable damage and potential when they enter the late game, such as Hayabusa, Natalia, Alucard, Zilong, Lesley and others.

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Not knowing the potential of the hero means not using the hero optimally when the potential released is quite large, for example when picking Lancelot. Lancelot is a hero who has considerable damage from the beginning of the game, so so that we don’t waste that potential, we have to do gangs as often as possible in the early to mid game, especially if Lancelot is in the mid, he must often help the team by rotating. to another lane.

On the other hand, if we pick Hayabusa, which in fact is a late game warrior, doing gangs in the early to mid game using Hayabusa is less effective, Hayabusa cannot help optimally. The damage issued will be more or less better if we do split push or farming. It’s better if we are able to steal the enemy’s jungle, so the enemy will be more dragging in gold and EXP.

2. Not playing objectively

Not playing objectively here means that an assassin is more concerned with killing than doing pushes. Assassin is indeed a role that allows us to show a large enough impact by doing as many kils to enemy heroes, because assassins are heroes designed with skill sets that have the potential to kill.

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If an assassin has fewer kills and assists than his tank or support, it can be said that the assassin is a failed assassin. But back to the beginning, doing kills is important but more importantly destroying the turret, it’s useless even if we kill a lot but we lose, don’t you think?

3. No lock hero lock

A common and fatal mistake made by assassin users is not locking key warriors. The key hero in question is a hero who has great damage assistance in the team, such as a marksman, mage, or enemy assassin. When you play assassins as much as possible, you don’t lock the tank warriors, the reason is that the skills you put out will be in vain. When the enemy’s key hero dies, the enemy will limp because of less damage and they will lose during the team fight.

4. Playing badly is only the reason for not getting buffs

Playing ugly the only reason is not getting buffs. Buffs are indeed very useful for Assassins, the reason is the various advantages of the buff itself such as reduction of mana or energy usage, reduction of skill cooldown, etc., so it is only natural that we are Assassins receiving buffs.

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In taking buffs you also have to know about the draft pick and the condition of your team, for example your team has a team composition of Hylos, Balmond, Kagura, Lancelot and Hellcurt. In this condition, the heroes who are required to receive the buff are Lancelot and Kagur, why is Hellcurt not required to receive the buff? because the use of mana from hellcurt is not too extravagant compared to Kagura or Lancelot. Moreover, Lancelot and Kagura are heroes who can dominate from the beginning of the game, so it will be more useful if the buff is taken by the two heroes.

5. Play impatiently

The last mistake that is often made by assassin users is playing impatiently. Using an assassin is not like using a fighter or marksman, it takes very high patience because we have to determine the timing to enter the Fight team. A fatal mistake if you enter the team fight when the enemy’s crowd control skill has not been issued, all you have to do is jump and die in vain. You must be able to determine the timing of when you will enter so that your fight team can win.

Those are the 5 beginner mistakes when using Hero Assassin in Mobile Legends. If the article above is useful, don’t forget to share and comment on any tips when using a mage on your version of Mobile Legends. Thanks

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