5 Bad Behaviors of FF Players in Free Fire Guild

Previously 5 Bad Behaviors of FF Players Hated by Free Fire Guild Members, this is one thing that all of you really need to pay attention to. So that bad behavior in the FF guild doesn’t happen to you.

Because later if this happens to you, it could be quite dangerous and very threatening.

It doesn’t threaten your life, but it could be one of the things that can make you no longer accepted by the free fire guild. Maybe this, it should be known and don’t let anyone experience bad behavior in guild members right now.

Make sure you can also find out some other important things, when playing the Free Fire game now. Because we also know, if there are other important things that must be considered when competing later, yes.

As we know how to play Toxic Free Fire, it is the most prohibited and don’t let things like this harm yourself or the team. Because of that, it will be one of the reasons for you to lose.

It’s the same as 5 Bad Behaviors of FF Player which the Free Fire Guild Members hate today. Make sure you know this new information now, and don’t overlook the importance of these 5 problems later.

This is the Bad Behavior of FF Players while in the Free Fire Guild:

Have a Separate Alliance

The meaning of the current alliance does not mean the Free Fire Guild Alliance has a good purpose. But if, for example, there are players who also have 2 Guilds or their own alliances, then this is a behavior that is hated.

It could be said that he was not a consequence of joining the guild, because he had 2 guilds that were still active and he joined all of them. Certainly things like this get into the spies and don’t make the Guild any better.

Rarely and reluctant to be happy

If we have entered the Guild in the Free Fire game, mabar is an important agenda and we need to do it. Now if something like this doesn’t happen, then it’s pretty bad behavior, huh.

Where those who should know each other, don’t even know them at all because they don’t want to be friends with their own guild members. You could say if something like this goes into the arrogant part and wants to play alone.

Rarely Push Guild Points

Guild Point is a number that is quite important, so this can make the level of the guild you enter better. But if one of the members doesn’t want to push or rarely pushes, then this is a problem too.

Because if he doesn’t do that, then he will also be labeled a member who will not participate in the Guild. So that he was just a display, because there was no intention to push the Guild better.

If there is something like this, just kick it because it shows one bad behavior. But make sure first, if he has a reason and why can’t push.

Toxic Is Bad Behavior for FF Player

Skill playing is late and not really important, but our behavior in the Guild is number 1. The better we are, the friendlier the other members will be to us.

But if you are Toxic and always say harshly in derogatory terms, then this will be bad behavior too. You will be in trouble, because your Attidute is not there and without thinking, you can immediately kick it.

Not Caring for Guild Friends Is Bad Behavior in Guild Free Fire

Finally, when you are in a state of serious push, we cannot make a fatal mistake. Like not caring about a friend who is knocking or asking for help.

If something like this happens, then you will be in trouble yourself. Where is that friend, will consider you to be one of the bad members and are more concerned with Kill than helping friends.

But if your friends let it don’t be helped, then just do the orders. Maybe in that knock position, there is an enemy trap that can make you lose.

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Knowing the 5 Bad Behaviors of the FF Player that the Free Fire Guild Members Hate, we as players basically have to be able to play better. Don’t make a variety of fatal mistakes, where it will become quite a bad thing in the future.

Then don’t forget to know the Benefits of the Guild Alliance in Free Fire, things like this will help each guild become good. Even that, it can make you get along well with other guilds too.

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