5 Applications To Save Whatsapp Status On Android

Whatsapp has now become the most favorite chat and messenger application in the world. There are many reasons, one of which is because WA is a lightweight application and does not display ads.

In addition, the WhatsApp developer is also classified as innovative by presenting various new features. Maybe you are already familiar with the feature to create a status or story on WhatsApp.

Often times we see some really interesting statuses from our whatsapp contacts. The status can be an image, video, or GIF.

Saving a status in the form of an image can be done easily, namely by screenshots of the image. But it will be difficult or impossible if it is a video or GIF.

But take it easy, because now there is a download application story WhatsApp which will help you to be able to save story alias WA status easily.

However, even though the application is downloaded story WA can be found easily on the Playstore, there are times when you have to be observant and also be careful before installing it on a smartphone.

Because, there are several cases that users have complained about. Instead of helping download the WA story, the application actually displays very annoying advertisements.

Therefore, here we summarize the recommendations for 6 status download applications that are the easiest to use especially for you!

5 Recommended Applications for Saving Whatsapp Status on Android

1. Download status

For the first one we will recommend the Status Downloader application for Whatsapp developed by Shree Ganesha Labs. With a size that is classified as very light, it can help you download WA status.

Simply install it on your smartphone, then go to WhatsApp and find the story you want to save.

Now after that go back and open the Status Downloader application for Whatsapp, you can save the status via the menu Recent Stories. Interested in trying it? Please download for free.

2. Status Saver – Download & Save Status for Whatsapp

The recommendation for the next WhatsApp status download application is Status Saver. As the name implies, this application made by LaZy GeNiOuZ Inc was created specifically for downloading status that is shared on the WhatsApp Story.

Not only videos, but also photos that are shared by users. Interestingly, this Status Saver application not only supports official WhatsApp, but also GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, and WhatsApp in Parallel Space.

This application is also equipped with a simple interface so that it is easier to understand. How to use it is very easy, all you have to do is open the status of the friend you want to download, then click Save botton.

3. Status Saver for WhatsApp

Interested in status in the form of photos, GIFs or videos shared by friends on WhatsApp? Now you can download it easily through this application made by Story Saver Utility.

Besides being able to directly save it in the gallery, you can also share the status on private social media (repost).

Its function may not be much different from the previous application, but this one application has several advantages.

One of them allows users to see the status of friends who have even passed 24 hours. In addition, the application interface is very user-friendly and also has a built-in media player.

4. WAStatus

Application recommendations for downloading status on WhatsApp next, namely WAStatus. This application was created by Status Studio and is a widely used application.

One of the advantages of WAStatus compared to other applications is that it allows you to save your friend’s status in just one click.

Regarding the appearance of the user interface itself is also very user friendly so it is easy to use.

5. Download Status

And the choice of the last WhatsApp story download application is Download Status. This one application is perfect for those of you who are looking for a lightweight application to save WhatsApp status easily.

You can easily download WhatsApp status in the form of photos or videos. What’s interesting about this application is the notification feature that will notify you when a new status is shared by a WhatsApp friend.

The WhatsApp status saving application made by Download Status App Studio also has a fairly light size, which is only 3.5 MB.

Those were the 5 recommendations for the best WhatsApp story download application that you can use. Now there is no need to bother anymore when downloading a status shared by friends on WhatsApp.

I hope this article is useful. Don’t forget to share this information on your personal social media account, huh?

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