5 Applications to Make Memoji on Android

Memoji is a feature that is quite popular among smartphone users, especially iOS device users. Memoji itself is a 3D avatar based feature Augmented Reality (AR) which was specially presented by Apple for iOS device users in 2018.

Although it was developed specifically for iPhone and iPad users, now there are many Memoji applications that you can use as Android users. Let’s take a look at the following 5 best applications for making memoji on Android!

Bitmoji is an application that can change your face into a cartoon avatar. Not only that, this application can also turn your entire body into an avatar. You just have to do scan on the face or the whole body, after that Bimoji will automatically create a cartoon avatar. You can customize the results of the avatar.

This application must be familiar to Android users. Not only as a keyboard, this application made by Google also allows you to create an emoji avatar from your face. You can do this through a feature called Emoji Minis contained in the keyboard application. You just have to do scan on your face.

MojiPop can also help you turn your face into cartoon stickers. This application provides a large selection of stickers, some of which are animated stickers that can move. Unfortunately, these stickers can only be sent via the keyboard and this application itself. But you can still save it to the gallery and share it on social media.

Face Cam doesn’t create emoji avatars based on results scan user’s face, but created it from scratch. Users are given the freedom to create their own emoji avatar starting from choosing hair, skin, eye shape and other characteristics. After the avatar is successfully created, the application will function as a camera and the user’s real face will be replaced with the avatar automatically.

Bemoji allows users to create 3D AR avatars or emoji stickers. The 3D AR avatar that you created can be used to make videos in the real world. Very interesting guys. You can send other emoji keyboard users.

So, those are the 5 best applications for making memoji on Android. You can choose it according to your wishes, guys. Good luck.

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Greetings Technology! These applications will certainly really help you to express yourself or your current situation without having to bother typing words.

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