5 Advantages of Hero Tank Akai Mobile Legends (ML)

Akai is one of the tank heroes with good crowd control skills in Mobile Legends. Akai became popular again after being played by RRQ VYNN in MPL ID season 6 yesterday. You need to know that there are several advantages of Akai in Mobile Legends that make it still suitable for use in the current Mobile Legends meta.

Akai itself can be used as a tank as well as a good initiator in gameplay. The combination of two skills and one skill is very useful because it can give a stun effect to the enemy. When playing this hero, make sure to make good use of every skill!

On this occasion, Esportsktu will discuss Akai’s strengths in Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious about what advantages this one tank hero has in Mobile Legends, let’s just take a look at the full explanation below!

Akai himself has several advantages that are quite impactful in gameplay if used properly. You can see the advantages yourself below!

  • Can Withstand Damage Well
  • Have a good escape skill
  • Can Cover Well
  • Has a Skill with Crowd Control Effect
  • Can Kidnap Opponents Easily

So, those are some of the advantages possessed by Akai in Mobile Legends. For a complete discussion of each of the advantages that Akai has, please just refer to it below!

Can Withstand Damage Well

5 Advantages of Hero Tank Akai Mobile Legends (ML)

Akai has a high level of durability. If you use the right build item, Akai can withstand damage from your opponent quite well. Akai also has the skill to jump far and can be used by him when he is no longer able to withstand damage.

Have a good escape skill

5 Advantages of Hero Tank Akai Mobile Legends (ML)

Besides being able to use his one skill to give a stun effect when combined with his two skills to the enemy, you can also use this jump skill to get away quickly from the enemy’s pursuit.

Can Provide a Good Cover

5 Advantages of Hero Tank Akai Mobile Legends (ML)

The next advantage of akai, when playing, make sure you are always near the hero core with your position in front to provide cover. Always check the ambush to see if there are enemies or not. When an enemy approaches your core hero, you can use your ultimate skill to save it.

Has a Skill with Crowd Control Effect

The combination of this combo skill one and skill two makes Akai’s strengths a tank hero that can give his opponent a crowd control effect in the form of a stun. His ultimate skill if used to attack the opponent and pinning him on the wall will make the opponent locked his movements.

Can Kidnap Opponents Easily

You can just go right near your opponent and try to jump to the back. After that, just use the ultimate skill to push your opponent towards your teammate then tell them to attack. That way the opponent can be defeated easily,

So that’s an explanation of the advantages of Akai Mobile Legends that I have discussed in Esports. Please read the explanation above carefully and just practice it in gameplay!

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