40 Greek Mythology Names for PUBG Mobile Nicknames!

PUBG Mobile is a popular battle royale game with tens of millions of active players spread across many countries. In Indonesia, the response is so good that many people are interested in trying to play this battle royale game. If you are still confused about what name to use for your PUBG Mobile nickname, we will provide recommendations for names based on Greek Mythology.

Battle royale games are on the rise right now. The emergence of various battle royale games today and the large response of the community are proof that this genre is very popular.

For those of you who just want to try and are confused about what name for the PUBG Mobile nickname, we will recommend names from the famous Greek Mythology. Of course by using characters from Greek Mythology, your nickname becomes very meaningful and strong like the gods there.

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The following are names for PUBG Mobile nicknames which are based on Ancient Greek Mythology:

1. Zeus

Leader / king of the gods, ruler of Olympus, god of climate, god of thunder and weather.

2. Forkis

The early sea god, depicted as a half-fish man with his forelegs in the form of crab claws and skin having red spines.

3. Glaukos

God of the sea in Greek mythology. Glaukos is believed to be a helper for fishermen who are caught in a storm. He did it because he was a fisherman himself.

4. Graiai

Three sisters who share one eye and one tooth. Graiai is the son of Forkis and Keto. Graiai is an old woman with gray hair and a long life span.

5. Melikertes

Son of Athamas from Boiotia and Ino, daughter of Kadmos. Melikertes is also known as Palaimon.


The eldest son of Pontos (sea) and Gaia (earth). He has a body that is half human and half fish and is depicted as a beard. He has the ability to change form and predict.

7. Okeanid

Three thousand daughters of Okeanos and Tethis. Each Okeanid is the guardian or protector of certain places, especially springs, rivers, lakes, ponds, meadows, flowers and clouds.

8. Okeanos

Titan of the oceans and oceans in Greek mythology. Okeanos was the son of Gaia and Uranus. By the ancient Greeks and Romans, Okeanos was believed to be the world Ocean, which is a giant sea that surrounds and surrounds the world.

9. Pontos

One of the earliest gods in Greek mythology and is the god of the sea.

10. Poseidon

The god of the seas, rivers and lakes. Poseidon has a weapon in the form of a trident that can cause floods and earthquakes.

11. Proteus

Sea god. He can predict and also change forms. He will answer questions regarding the future only to those who are able to catch him, and his ability to change form makes it difficult to catch

12. Tethis

A titan and all the goddess of the sea. Thetis is the mother of the world’s rivers such as the Nile, Alfios, Maiander. Tethis also had three thousand daughters who were called Okeanids

13. Thoosa

A sea nymph who is associated with agility and speed. Thoosa is Forkis’ daughter, so she is a Forkid.

14. Triton

God of the sea and messenger of the oceans. Triton was the son of Poseidon and Amfitrit, the goddess of the sea. He is usually depicted as half human, half fish. His body is the color of seawater and on his shoulders are sea shells.

15. Hera

The wife of Zeus, queen of the gods, was the patron goddess of marriage, sacrifice, and fidelity.

16. Ares

God of war and slaughter.

17. Hermes

God of guides, protectors of adventurers, herdsmen, and entertainers. He is also a messenger of the god Zeus.


God of fire, carpenters, iron smiths, and craftsmen of weapons.

19. Aphrodite

The goddess of love, sex and physical beauty.

20. Athena

Goddess of wisdom, war, beauty of the soul, art and education.

21. Apollo

The god of the sun, light, music, dance, medicine, and the protector of the archers.

22. Artemis

The goddess of the moon, protector of animals, hunting, fertility and chastity. Is the twin brother of Apollo.

23. Demeter

The goddess of flowers, herbs, food, argraris, and the protector of marriage.

24. Hestia

The goddess of protection of the home, family and fireplace.

25. Agrius

The man-eating giants of Thracia were half man and half bear.

26. Alkyoneus

King of the Thracian giants, killed by Herakles.

27. Aloadae

The twin giants who had tried to make a storm on Olympus.

28. Antaeus

The Libyan giant who fought everyone he met until he was killed by Herakles.

29. Argus Panoptes

A hundred-eyed giant in charge of watching.

30. Enkeladus

One of the Thracian giants who fought against the gods.

31. Gegenees

The six-armed giants who fought the Argonauts on Mount Bears in Mysia.

32. Geryon

A three-bodied, four-winged giant that lives on the Red Island of Erytheia.

33. Hekatonkheires

A hundred-armed being, a giant god of storms and hurricanes.

34. Laestrigonians

The man-eating giants Odysseus encounters on his journey.

35. Orion

The hunting giant that Zeus placed in the sky as a constellation (Orion)

36. Porphyrion

The king of the giants who was killed by Herakles’ arrows and Zeus’s lightning after he tried to rape Hera.

37. Kiklops (old)

Three giants who forge lightning for Zeus.


A giant made of bronze by Hepfaestus, and in charge of guarding Europa.

39. Tityos

The giant who was killed by Apollo and Artemis when he tried to harm their mother, Leto.

40. Typhon

An immortal giant in the form of a monster that Zeus defeated and imprisoned in Tartarus.

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Those are cool names based on characters in Greek Mythology. Of course, you are familiar with these names, because they are often used in many films or game series. You can also combine other names or use these names for other game nicknames. Thank you!

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