4 Tips to Play Free Fire (FF) Worry-Free

Free Fire is a battle royale mobile game that requires certain specifications, in order for the app to perform properly on a device. If you have a low spec device, don’t worry. Because Free Fire is a game suitable for all types of devices, including the low spec ones. However, there are some things that you need to do in order to play Free Fire without any interruption. So here’s some tips to play Free Fire worry-free for you!

4 Tips to Play Free Fire (FF) Worry-Free

Make sure that the RAM space is empty

Free Fire is one of the game that is actually not taking up so much space in your device’s RAM. However, you also need to know that the RAM capacity on your device must remain empty before you play. This will make you play with less interruption later on.

If your RAM capacity is full, there is a risk that your device will lag due to the RAM running out of space. If the device’s RAM is full, then the game will not perform optimally.

Have a good internet connection

Playing online games requires a strong internet connection. This is one of the most basic but important aspects to have if you want to play any online game. If your internet is unstable, then your game will be lagging so bad, it will frustrate you. So before you play, make sure that your internet is working properly. This way, you can play Free Fire worry-free without having to think about the internet connection issue.

Activate game mode

In some new devices nowadays, there is a game mode that you can try for your playing performance. This mode will make your device perform better, especially if you’re using it to play games like Free Fire for example. So if your device has a game mode, activate them before you play. This mode will make your device perform better with less lag.

Adjust the settings of the game to play Free Fire worry-free

The last thing that you need to pay attention to is to setup your graphics in the game. The graphics settings in the game, will obviously affect how your device’s performance is. So try to find out what is the specification of your device. After that, you can adjust the graphics according to your device’s capability. This way, your device will perform properly because you have adjust the graphics accordingly.

And that’s some tips to play Free Fire worry-free that you need to know before you play the game. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!

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