4 Tips if You Keep Losing in Ranked Mode in Free Fire (FF)

Playing video games can be one of the best thing to do right now to spend your leisure time. There are many game options that you can choose in android. If you’re looking for more challenges, you can try playing Free Fire from now on. In Free Fire, there are many game modes that you can play. With many items that you can use in Free Fire, the gameplay will not be boring. Also with character options and weapons, the players will have many new things to try in the game. Especially if Garena keeps on updating the game. Here we have some tips if you keep losing in Free Fire.

4 Tips if You Keep Losing in Free Fire

Try these tips so that you can avoid losing again in ranked mode in Free Fire.

Take a Short Break

You might keep losing if you’re feeling tired but you force yourself to keep on playing. Try to take a short break for at least an hour to regain your mood to play. Taking a short break can make you regain your focus to play Free Fire.

Play in Classic Mode

If you keep on losing in ranked mode, you can cool yourself down by playing in classic mode. In this mode, you will play with more relaxed feeling with nothing to lose. In this mode, you can also play while completing missions at the same time.

Try Other Mode

In Free Fire, there are several modes that you can try to play. Playing in different mode will give you a completely new sensation as you play Free Fire. You can try this to cool your head down after you play in ranked mode and keep on losing. modes like clash squad, kill secured, etc can be useful for you to try and refresh your mind and energy.

Play With Your Friends

If you keep on losing in Solo mode, try to invite your friends to play together instead. This way, you can push your rank easier with the help from your friends. You can play in either duo or squad mode to push your rank in Free Fire. By playing together with your friends, you’ll know each other’s skills and roles so you can work your way to booyah!

And that’s some tips for you if you keep on losing in ranked mode in Free Fire. Good luck and don’t forget to follow my esports!

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