4 Tips for the Miramar PUBG Mobile in a Pro Style, Where to Fight for Snipers!

Hello Miramar buddy! If you are a true PUBG Mobile player, surely you will be familiar with the biggest map in PUBG Mobile. This time there are PUBG Mobile Miramar Map Tips that you can use during the game.

Some of you must be confused why we call the Miramar map the largest size map, right? Even if you look at the actual size of the Miramar and Erangel maps, they have the same area, which is 8 × 8. Then what is the difference?

If you pay attention when playing on the Miramar map, which usually only takes a distance of about 1 kilo meter to get to the zone. However, it can change to 2-3km in the Miramar map. Why is it like Erange’s sizel and Miramar are the same? The answer is from the land area.

Almost 80% of PUBG Mobile’s Miramar is covered by land, in contrast to Erangel which still has a lot of water. That is what distinguishes the wide difference between Erangel and Miramar even though they actually have the same map size.

In addition, what are some tips for getting WWCD in this large map? Check out the explanation below!

Tips for Playing on the Miramar PUBG Mobile Map by Pro Player

Highlands, Important!

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Miramar has an extreme and arid soil structure, aka the lack of trees or grass! Then how do you survive in this large and arid map?

You inevitably have to be able to strategize to survive and fight from a high place, and as much as possible not survive in a low place because your enemy will easily target you.

So if you enter a new zone, hurry up and look for a place that has high ground for you to survive.

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Vehicles Helping You in Extreme Regions

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This map is very large so it will take a lot of time to rotate. With a vehicle, sometimes it takes a long time to rotate into the zone, especially if you don’t use a vehicle? So get used to rotating using a vehicle in this map!

Because the soil structure of this map is extreme, it will be troublesome if you trace it by walking or climbing. So, the vehicles in Miramar can also help you to navigate the bumpy hills and find a place to survive as quickly as possible.

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Be vigilant even when looting

Miramar / Landmark / Hacienda del Patrón - Official PLAYERUNKNOWN'S ...

Miramar has a structure that is quite far from one another. In addition, the areas in Miramar are also all open areas even though they have many buildings.

So even though you are busy collecting loot, you have to be aware of your surroundings. Because it’s not uncommon, you know, many players die from being shot from enemies monitoring from the hill while the player is collecting loot in the house.

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Are You Good at Sniper? Here it is!

The new Kar98k - Shark Bite is awesome!  - Album on Imgur

If it is in an open area, wide visibility, and lots of areas with high ground are 3 main characteristics of a place that will be a favorite of sniper ‘tamer’!

Are you good at using sniper weapons? Don’t hesitate to show your skills here, because in Miramar you can do sniper fights with enemies.

It will be bad news for those of you who are not used to using snipers, you can become a hot target for sniper users. So get used to using a sniper when you visit this Miramar map, huh!

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Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you to improve your skills when playing on the Miramar map. Thank you for listening!

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