4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Starlight Member Mobile Legends (ML)

We already know that the Mobile Legends game always has the latest updates every month. One of them is Starlight Member, which provides various privileges for Mobile Legends players. Then what are the benefits provided by this one premium feature. Here are 6 reasons why you should buy Starlight Member in Mobile Legends

Starlight Member is a premium feature that is present in the Mobile Legend game. Like the Royale Pass in PUBG games or others. Mobile Legends also presents a variety of similar features. Starlight Member is perfect for those of you who want premium items but at prices that are not too expensive.

You can buy Starlight Member for IDR 150,000 and includes skins and various prizes that you can get to make it easier for you to play games on Mobile Legend. So what are the reasons why you have to buy a starlight member in Mobile Legend? Please see the full review below.

The reason you have to buy Starlight Member in Mobile Legends

It’s not a matter of sufficient money, maybe you also doubt what you can get by buying Starlight Member in Mobile Legend. Maybe many of you buy just to get the starlight skin. However, by buying a Starlight Member you can make it easier to play in Mobile Legends. So here are some of the advantages of starlight members that you should know.

Get Cool Starlight Skin!

The target of Mobile Legends players, of course, is the starlight skin that they can get. Let’s say it’s July at this time. You can get the latest Skin from the Hayabusa Biological Weapon hero, which is available exclusively on July. Ets make no mistake, you can only get this skin in July. So have to wait for next year.

Free skin and hero rotation for a month

For those of you who buy starlight members, of course, you can use the hero for free even though you don’t have the hero. In addition, the hero is also equipped with skins that are randomized every week for a month. Quite worth it, right?


Feeling like a Player Sultan, Starlight Member of Mobile Legends!

There is an exclusive frame that you can see when starting the game. The frame is exclusive to players who buy Starlight members only. By buying a Starlight member you can feel like a sultan for a month, you know.

Various Prizes Await you!

Finally, there will be many Starlight Member prizes waiting for you when you buy a starlight member. Starting from the latest skin painted, battle emotes, sacred statues to starlight gems that you can use to buy annual starlights. Surely Starlight Members can give you lots of prizes and convenience when playing.

So, those are some reasons why you should buy a starlight member in the Mobile Legends game. Stay tuned for more information on esportsku and don’t forget to follow Esportsku (@ esports.ku) for more information.

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