4 Reasons Why Flashbang is Rarely used in Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire is a battle royale game that is really popular with millions of users worldwide. And Garena as the developer, will always update the game every time to make the game more exciting. Out of all the updates, Garena is also updating the items in Free Fire every time. Due to the updates and new items and skill, there is one item that is left out which is the flashbang. So here we have some reasons why flashbang is rarely used in Free Fire.

4 Reasons Why Flashbang is Rarely used in Free Fire (FF)

Difficult to find

This item is one out of many other supporting items that you can use in the game. Most supporting item tend to be easy to find anywhere in the map. However, not for the flashbang. This item is quite difficult to find now.

Which is why, many players are not using this item anymore as their supporting item as they play.

Can also be dangerous for you

The flashbang in Free Fire is quite useful to storm the enemy in a building or a house. This item is useful to stun the enemy to confuse them. If you stun the enemy with the flashbang, they will temporarily lost their hearing and vision. Which is why this item is useful for you to use before rushing an enemy.

However, this item can also be dangerous for you and your teammate. If you’re not throwing it properly, there is a chance that it will bounce back and you’ll be the one who will stun yourself instead.

There are many better items

In every update, Free Fire will always update the items in the game as well. And until now, there are many better items in Free Fire that you can use other than the flashbang.

Most players prefer to use the explosive items, like the frag grenade for example. Explosives are way more effective on killing or hurting the enemy, rather than the flashbang with a temporary stun effect.

Requires a skill to use this item

The last reason why players rarely use the flashbang, is that it requires a skill to use this item. The stun effect can be dangerous not only for the enemy, but to you and your teammate as well. Make sure that you really know how to use the flashbang in Free Fire so that you can use it safely.

And that’s some reason why the flashbang is rarely used in Free Fire. Let’s hope that there will be a buff to this item pretty soon. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!

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