4 Reasons Aim Player Free Fire Is Reducing, Why?

This is a reason Aim Player Free Fire has decreased so much, yup, that’s something we need to know right now. Playing the Free Fire game is indeed fun and definitely not to be missed, there are lots of features that we can take advantage of. That way you can later find it easier to defeat enemies or compete.

Not only that, it turns out that there are lots of new features that will be quite detrimental for us to feel. Don’t forget that at this time, you can find out the advantages and disadvantages of Free Fire. Maybe there are some players who still don’t know, but it turns out that apart from this game the players must also sometimes have this too, huh.

Right now there are several reasons why our Aim is not good or is decreasing. Curious? let’s just look at this, in the article below.

Here is my esports so why AIM free fire players have started to decrease when playing FF:

1. Lack of Practice

Playing the Free Fire game is fun, because later we will fight to get stronger with it. Because it is against the enemy too, you have to use the name Aim first. If we have less Aim, of course fighting the enemy will be a problem.

So if for example we have never practiced aim, then of course there will be a problem with the reduction in Aim as well. This will be quite detrimental, because we will easily be defeated by these enemies.

2. Rely on Auto Aim Continuously

In this game, it becomes easier for us to Aim, that’s because there is a feature called Auto Aim. So of course this way, it makes it easier for you to aim your shots at the enemy you are fighting.

But if we continue to rely on things like this, then of course you will also experience a reduction in Aim’s abilities. Try it so that we can play with How to turn off the Auto Aim Free Fire feature, so that later when competing, the Aim must be directed first.

3. Dependent on the team

Important Reasons for Maintaining Free Fire Distance

For example, if you play with Squad friends, then it will be easier for us to Push Rank. But if you always play with a Pro or better player, then of course you will most likely depend on that player to win.

So with things like this, it’s quite dangerous and you shouldn’t ignore it. Playing or relying on Player, will be a big problem in the future too. Especially in the later Aim section, we won’t be able to use Aim when competing if we often rely on people.

4. Not Using Mainstay Weapons

There are many weapons in the Free Fire game, but usually we also need to know that every player must have a mainstay weapon. This is one of the important things for us to have later, because when we use mainstay weapons, it will definitely be easier.

For example, if we don’t use Mainstay weapons, there will be many changes that can be felt. Where our Aim is getting less, and it won’t be any easier to compete either. That way all of you, it must be good if Aim uses Mainstay weapons.

You can also read Indonesia’s Free Fire Player’s Mainstay Weapon, this will help every player to defeat the enemy. But even though it says Auto in giving Headshot, we also have to be careful when using this weapon later. Because it is a weapon, there are still many drawbacks too.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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