4 of the best FF buggers for Free Fire players

Currently there is the best FF trick item for Free Fire players which is quite useful, of course it will allow us to trap enemies too later. Especially for later, every player who plays the Free Fire game will definitely be even more enthusiastic. Because every update is given, it will definitely provide a lot of cool things for us to try too.

For now, winning against the enemy is indeed a very useful thing. Because we can prove that we are indeed strong and cool. But don’t forget the same 11 Latest Looting Items available, for us to use in the game. Until now, you will definitely find it easier to compete against enemies using it.

But for this opportunity, we will provide some item information that can outwit the enemy. Of course, by using items like this we will find it easier, to defeat the enemies in the match. So now, you can’t miss that information.

The following are the best FF tricks for Free Fire players that you can use while playing.

  1. Decoy Grenade

The first item we can use to outwit the enemy is the Decoy Grenade, the ability of this item is very unique. This Decoy Grenade is similar to a Gloo Wall, but the shape it takes is a person. Apart from this, the Decoy Grenade that we have used will fire the bullets one by one later.

Of course with the release of this bullet, it will fool the enemy too. If you want to know the sound of this shot, it will appear on the minimap later. So that way all of you will definitely be able, to outwit the enemy quite easily.

  1. Smoke Grenade

The next item is Smoke Grenade, this item is often used when we play in the Clash Squad. So the ability of this Smoke Grenade is to create a smoke explosion, which can make us invisible while inside. Of course that way, you will definitely outwit the enemy and make the enemy confused.

Maybe if the enemy is trying to get close, you better get away from that Smoke Grenade. Try not to get caught by the enemies who are targeting. When they do get fooled, just kill them if you can.

  1. Grenade

The grenades in games like Free Fire do give enormous damage. Of course that way the enemy who hears the sound of the explosion of this item, will immediately approach or run away. But they will come rather than run away, because they want to riot and can kill those of us who are fighting. This is the Best FF Swindler Item for Free Fire Players

If for example you throw a Grenade to outwit the enemy, then just hide it. After hiding you can see the situation again in silence, if you see the enemy who is fooled, we can immediately kill it later.

  1. Gloo Wall

The best FF distractor item for the next Free Fire Player that is presented in this Free Fire game, is indeed an item that is sufficient to give us a big Defend. Of course that way those of you who are pressed again can take advantage of the Gloo Wall. But you also need to remember, for example, we can use the Gloo Wall to outwit the enemy in the match later.

If you want to outwit the enemy using this, try to have 2 Gloo Walls later. Because with these 2 things, we can place this gloo wall side by side. After this happens, then you just have to see which way the enemy is coming. If for example to the left, try to escape through the right direction and not be seen.

Every item in the Free Fire game is indeed good and interesting for us to use. So for now, don’t forget, the same with this tricky item. Because that way you will definitely be easier, to make enemies fooled and easy to kill too.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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