4 Most Hurtful Combo Fighter ML in Season 16 of Mobile Legends

Mobile legends is one of the best mobile games that are widely played today. To play this mobile legends game, you always use the best strategy to win every match. If previously we discussed the Mage hero combo, then we return to discussing the 4 Most Hurtful Combo Fighter ML in Season 16 of Mobile Legends

Role Mobile Legends Fighter is one of the hero roles in Mobile Legends, this hero relies heavily on resilience and damage to fight very closely. As a melee type hero, of course, this one hero is quite difficult to play, but when combined, it can produce the best attack to defeat your enemy in Mobile Legends.

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Best Combo Fighter in Mobile Legends

So here are some of the best fighter hero combos that you can combine in the Mobile Legends game so you can easily win the match.

Badang x Terizla

The first combination hero, Badang x Terizla, these two heroes have the ability to isolate enemies and attract enemies in a round area they make.

You can start an attack by Terizla to attract enemies in the area, if it works, then 2 bad skills will come out that can make a wall and prevent the enemy from escaping.

Finally, launch the ultimate badang at the same time Terizla with insistent damage, of course the enemy immediately doesn’t follow.

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Combo Fighter Mobile Legends: Kaja x Chou

Combined with eliminating one hero with a lethal attack launched by Chou, but before that, Kaja moves to kidnap one enemy and lead him to Chou.

Actually, Chou can enter the enemy group to kidnap their prey. But it is very clean for me if the enemy has a strong Crowd Control.

But the combo of the two fighters is able to kidnap many enemies in Mobile Legends, for example, Chou kidnaps marksman and Kaja kidnaps the enemy mage hero so that the enemy doesn’t have the ability to damage anymore.

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Zilong X Alucard

If they are in one lane then you have to be careful. Zilong will serve as the initiator and Alucard as the executor. These two fighter heroes are perfect for a duet. Because helping each other.

Zilong can pull the enemy and gouge him back after that, in which Alucard exudes with his jump that can catch the enemy. If the enemy hero is hit by Zilong’s attack now, adding Alucard’s extensive attack will make him die instantly.

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Combo Fighter Mobile Legends: Ruby x X.Borg

Ruby can collect enemies, and X.Borg slaughter enemies. These two heroes have their own advantages when combined. X.Borg can attack enemies areaally, and Ruby helps him on the front lines.

Ruby is a hero with a high lifesteal. This one hero has an area attack that can attract enemies at once. Now when Ruby managed to attract many enemies, X.Borg, who as the executor, came forward and finished off various enemies.

The trick is to use Ruby in the front line then, when Ruby gets prey with her 3 skills, X.Borg advances to attack by activating the ultimate then burns all enemies in Mobile Legemds.

So, those are the 4 Most Painful Combo Fighter ML that you can try in the latest Mobile Legends season 16 today. In the list above, is there your favorite fighter hero?

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